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    by Published on 06-28-12 08:15 AM

    Like most people watching the Yankees play the Indians yesterday, as soon as Andy Pettitte was hit by that comebacker, the first word that came to mind was, ďCrap.Ē We hoped it was just a bruise, but inside, we all knew better. And sure enough, the news was just about as bad as could have been expected. Following on the heels (pun not intended) of the news concerning C.C. Sabathia, great feelings about the state of Yankee pitching flew out the window. As Joe Girardi tried to keep the Yankees in the game yesterday with the likes of Cody Eppley and Clay Rapada, a strange thing happened. Joe Girardi brought in Freddy Garcia and the first thought that occurred in this brain was, ďOh good.Ē How did that thought get in there?

    by Published on 06-27-12 03:42 PM

    With C.C. Sabathia and Andy Pettitte both hitting the disabled list with just about a month left until the non-waiver trade deadline, it was pretty much a given that the national baseball media would launch straight into trade speculation mode where the Yankees are concerned. Joe Girardi isnít biting on that, however, saying that the Yankees would try out internal options, namely Adam Warren and David Phelps, before going outside of the organization for help. Of course, thatís true up until the point that it isnít, and given that Brian Cashman already hinted that he might still be looking for starting pitching upgrades it seems likely that the Yankees will at least be calling around to see if they can get a good deal, but that isnít likely to be the case in the immediate aftermath of these injuries.


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