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    by Published on 06-28-12 01:40 PM

    Via Jon Morosi, the Yankees had a scout in attendance at Zack Greinke‘s start in Cincinnati yesterday. Morosi doesn’t expect the Yankees to be involved in talks for Greinke, however, which I can only speculate is due to that old “he can’t handle New York because of his anxiety problems” chestnut. I don’t put a lot of stock in that, and I don’t think the Yankees really do either, but if I had to guess, I don’t see them making much of a play for Greinke either.

    by Published on 06-28-12 10:12 AM

    Yesterday was not a happy day in Yankeedom. Yes, the Yankees beat the Indians 5-4 to complete the series sweep and win their fifth consecutive game, but the big story of the day was the injuries suffered by both C.C. Sabathia. Obviously it’s going to be rather difficult to end a day that sees both of your top two pitchers hitting the disabled list at once, and not even the Bombers’ recent run of success can fully make up for it, nor erase the trepidation all Yankee fans must be feeling about the near future right now. So what do you say we try to find the silver lining in all of these black clouds?


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