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    by Published on 07-02-12 08:19 AM

    You cannot watch a nationally televised New York Yankees game without at least one (and usually several) mentions about Yankee Stadium and the short right field porch that gives the Yankees an advantage. Jake Peavy recently fanned the flames by ripping the Stadium and the Yankees after his recent loss to the team. ”They hit the ball in the air and it’s a home run,” he is quoted as saying. Perhaps as one who covers the team, this criticism is taken personally. But what the heck, folks? It is not like Yankee Stadium is Coors Field.

    by Published on 06-29-12 10:55 AM

    When the Yankees take the field to play the White Sox at Yankee Stadium tonight, Adam Warren will take to the mound to throw his first official major league pitch as he makes his big league debut. Filling in for C.C. Sabathia after the Yankees’ ace was placed on the disabled list with a groin strain on Wednesday, the rookie is going to have some, um, big shoes to fill right from the get go. And while Warren might only be slated to get a couple of starts while Sabathia rests up as of now, a good performance could earn him an extended stay in the Bronx, either in a long relief role or in Andy Pettitte‘s rotation spot. If you read Tamar’s farm reports or follow prospect reports at all, you’re probably familiar with Warren by now, but if not, here’s a rundown of what to expect from the rookie.


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