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    by Published on 07-11-12 10:02 AM

    So…the Home Run Derby. You can pretty much guarantee that Robinson Cano will never want to be a captain for that puppy again. The trouble began when he said early on that he would consider picking a slugger from the Kansas City Royals for the American League team. And then he did not. Kansas City fans were not happy. The extent of their unhappiness knew no bounds. And it is strange in a way because the support mostly went to Billy Butler and he became the focal counterpoint to Cano during the Derby. I have been on Twitter for quite a while now and follow lots of bloggers and fans of the Royals and Butler has never been universally loved. Apparently, Butler’s demeanor is not always appreciated. But Butler became the hero to the Cano anti-hero. Being a fan of the Yankees put the situation into a tough spot. I mean, our team gets booed enough without there being added reasons for doing so. Royals fans were not content to show Cano their feelings when he first showed up at the Derby. Those boos continued throughout the event and the glee his outs were given was amazing. And when he went without a homer in the event, it was celebrated with orgiastic delight.

    by Published on 07-10-12 02:57 PM

    I got on Ramon Flores pretty hard about his apathetic April, but he turned things around and has been one of Tampa’s major offensive threats this season. The young outfielder may be playing his best baseball yet, though he still has plenty to work on if he is going to make it to the Bronx.


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