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    by Published on 07-24-12 02:39 PM

    According to Jon Lane of the YES Network, Brian Cashman is thrilled with the progress of Joba Chamberlain. Some of the money quotes:

    ďJobaís out of control,Ē said Cashman on WFANís Boomer and Carton Tuesday morning. ďThe stuff heís featuring is remarkable. Heís as high as 100 (mph) but upwards consistently (at) 96, 97, 98. He looks really good.

    ďHeís an amazing guy. Heís been hurt, he gets hurt a lot, but then his recovery time is like super-human ó always beats the standard. So yeah, heís due back here shortly. I mean, the worst-case scenario would be the first week of August, but he should be here ahead of that.Ē

    Lane goes on to mention that the Yankees want Chamberlain to throw back to back days and that should happen in the next week. Once he passes that test, Joba looks ready to roll.

    by Published on 07-24-12 09:16 AM

    The Yankees traded for Ichiro Suzuki late yesterday afternoon, a move that brought a lot of surprise, raised eyebrows, and appreciation for Ichiroís career, etc., but distinctly lacking, as far as I saw, was much excitement for what he adds to the Yankees at the margins. Thatís probably because, well, Ichiro isnít playing very well these days, and hasnít played particularly well since the 2010 season.


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