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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    I think you're right, I looked at stats and only noticed they have similar hits and BA but Gardner is faster and Better defender while Willingham has

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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    Upton has to be willing (obviously). It may be the only time he ever reaches free agency, so it's no sure thing that he'll pass that opportunity up.

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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    gardner has already declined defensively. the added power is nice but it is more of an approach thing than a talent thing.

    however, before

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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    why wouldn't they extend him? they're not gonna trade for him just to let him walk.

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    Re: Reggie was not a nice guy

    The fat lady falling from the upper deck never got enough credit for that save. Frank Drebin was a glory hog. Of course he did send OJ hurtling down the

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    Re: Who to protect from the Rule 5?

    I think the thought is that defensively he is ML ready and could be an ok option off a bench as a 4th or 5th OF and pinch runner especially for a team

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