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05-11-00, 10:15 AM
My reading tastes are wide including almost everything, but I just finished three books that fans might be interested in. I got all through Amazon.com

1. 1947; When All Hell Broke Loose in Baseball. By Red Barber. This book was first published in 1983 but is still interesting and it revived many memories for me. Since Red broadcast the Dodgers that year the text mostly focuses on them but it does give a lot of print to the Yankees including their 19 game winning streak and the 1947 Yanks/Dodgers WS. Of course Jackie Robinson broke into baseball in 1947

2. The 1937 Newark Bears. By Ronald A Mayer This book was first published in 198. It details the day by day exploits of the team regarded by most ecperts to be the best minor league team ever. Many members of that team later starred for the Yankees and/or other ML Teams. While I wasn't born in 1937 I did attend many Bears games in the 1940's and my parents would regale me with stories of that team.

3. #7. The Mick. By Mickey Mantle with help from Herb Gluck. This book was first published in 1985. I read it then and got much more enjoyment from reareading it this past week.

Baseball and Yankee fans might enjoy these books.

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05-11-00, 11:04 AM
Thanx, Nome!:) I'll make sure to keep my eye out for them!

Have you ever read Shoeless Joe, by W. P. Kinsella? That's the book Field of Dreams is based on. Just thought you might -- or anyone might -- want to add it to their reading list; it's an amazing book.

05-11-00, 05:03 PM
Another great book is My Favorite Summer, 1956 by Mickey Mantle. I am 14, and man I have learned so much and
I do hope that I will pick it up again and start reading it.
You guys should really get it!


05-14-00, 10:23 PM
I just finished "Fair Ball" by Bob Costas and recommend it highly! He really has a lot of good ideas about leveling the playing field a little - if only he had taken the Commissioner's job!

Keep smiling and reading...:)