View Full Version : Geez-No game for me 9-9-06

Irascible Yankee Fan
09-09-06, 03:56 PM
Man, I am sick of this blackout nonsense. Finally get rid of Fox Saturdays, and now I am blacked out because Charlotte is considered in the Oriole footprint. That makes sense, right? I mean Baltimore is about 7 hours away, so I guess I should have hopped in my car and gone to the game.

The Oriole site says they are on MASN, but there is a college football game on there....and I get that channel, so even more frustration that the Orioles don't even know where their games are televised!

This blows! I am sick of paying for Extra Innings and suffering through these insane and stupid blackout rules.

Crap!...rant over (for now):mad:

09-09-06, 07:45 PM
I know how it feels. I hate not getting some games too...

I live in Maryland. The game was on The WB today.

26 and counting
09-09-06, 10:17 PM
It's up to Bud Selig to fix this blackout nonsense - which means that you're completely out of luck.

At least you don't live in Las Vegas - I read that people there are blacked out from six teams that are at least an eight-hour drive away.