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Slippery Elm
06-16-01, 03:55 AM
Keyspan Park is just about ready to go and so are the Cyclones.

The ballpark is on the site of the old and legendary Steeplechase Park, which was torn down starting in 1967, and is in the shadow of the landmark and newly repainted Parachute Jump.

The old (going back to the 1920's) roller coaster, The Thunderbolt, has been razed and removed. It sure looks weird at Coney without it there covered in ivy, as it was.

I have my tickets already for when the Staten Island Yankees come in.

Click on the links to see what it looks like:



BTW, anyone want a real challenge? There is batting practice range a few blocks away. You can have fastballs fired past you at 95 mph. You have NO idea how fast that is unless you stand near it!!

06-17-01, 12:39 AM
Its great for Brooklyn to get a new stadium :)

Slippery Elm
06-17-01, 02:27 AM
It looks nice.

From 1967 (When famed Steeplechase Park came down) to last year it was just grass - a city park usually closed to the public. The remnants of old rides and bathhouses surrounded it. Now the Parachute Jump has a new coat of paint, and Coney Island will get a nice shot in the business arm. Everything is spruced up, although I miss the Thunderbolt coaster. Looks strange without it after some 80 years.

If anyone wants to see what the Thunderbolt looked like, click here:

There is even a direct entrance straight from the boardwalk, which used to be the direct entrance to Steeplechase.

Anyone want a good Coney Island link try: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/coney/index.html

Of course the Cyclones are at: www.brooklyncyclones.net.

Slippery Elm
06-18-01, 10:09 PM
Just found out, Monday the 25th, 7PM, the Cyclones' first game will be broadcast live on Channel 13.

06-18-01, 10:37 PM
Thanks for the CI link. It brought back some nice memories. I grew up in Coney Island and spent a lot of my childhood at Steeplechase. I never dreamed it would be a ballpark one day!

For a few years I lived across the street from the Cyclone, and I'd fall asleep listening to the sound of people screaming as they went down the first hill. The house under the Thunderbolt was featured in Woody Allen's "Radio Days," and people really lived there until a few years ago.

I hope the ballpark is a great success. Too bad it's home to a Mutts team.

Slippery Elm
06-19-01, 01:27 AM
The place has changed so much in recent years. Lots of old derelict buildings that used to have rides and such were torn down. Even now construction is under way.

About 15-20 years ago it was really a dump.

I know about small building just south of the Thunderbolt. That's why I included it.

When I go I will have a Yankee cap on.

06-19-01, 01:59 AM
:cool: Way Cool! I heard about this on MSG tonight! Now there
are Two the Yankees Staten Island Team & The Mets!
Two more options for our New York Visit in July besides the
July 21st Forum Party Game!!!


Slippery Elm
06-19-01, 03:41 AM
I have to get tickets for the Staten Island Yankee ballpark also.

Both parks should have very nice views and ambiance.

Slippery Elm
06-19-01, 10:54 PM
BTW, Cyclones won their first game tonight 2-1.

First win for Brooklyn since 1957!

Slippery Elm
06-21-01, 07:46 PM

Looks to me as though Keyspan Park, above, has a few more suites than the Ballpark at St George, if you compare the photos.

06-22-01, 08:43 AM
I've been driving by there all winter long watching the park go up from the grond and it's been fun top watch.
I can't wait to sit my fanny in one of those seats, drink a beer with the ocean breeze in my face and enjoy professional baseball in Brooklyn

Slippery Elm
06-24-01, 04:16 AM
Chris, get your seats fast. They are almost sold out.

06-30-01, 06:28 PM
Wow, that place looks AMAZING!