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05-08-00, 08:40 PM
I want your opinion. Please tell me everything that you don't like about this forum. Tell me everything that you would change if you were in charge. I want to hear from those who are UNHAPPY. Many will attest that shortly after an idea, I implement it. See THIS TOPIC (http://forums.bronx-bombers.com/showthread.php?postid=6935#post6916) for an example.

I want to make this place as comfortable for you, the user, so please let me know what you don't like, and would like to see changed. Or added. Or modified. Anything. You name it, and I will seriously consider it.

05-08-00, 09:38 PM
My Imput,
The only thing I don't like is that the Pm's are linked easily. I am aware of the fact that it is not accessible yet. Another thing that would be nice is that people who have webpages about the Yankees should have a special spot to be posted. Not in a thread but liek on the forums page or even main page. Other than that I really like that site....

05-08-00, 09:46 PM
Jim, I know you are looking for ways to improve the boards, but I for one am very happy. Even though I have been here from the start, I do not post as often as I would like. The problems and questions I have had have been answered every time to my satisfaction, even though I am not a big poster. Most other places, unless you are one of the big contributors, you are not heard. Keep operating the same way and it will be fine.

05-08-00, 10:07 PM
Ok, I have a huge complaint. The signature used to come up automatically, but now I have to click to put it on. That's about all I'd change. Jim, you've done a great job here, and we are very fortunate that you are willing to put in all the work necessary to give us this place to chat. And that's not kissing up, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

05-08-00, 10:24 PM
Like others said, this forum seems to be run just fine.

One very small issue: The "e-mail notification" option is automatically check when I post a new topic, and I don't want this. Perhaps this can be addressed in the profile options? Perhaps it is already and I'm missing it...

Anyway, that's all really. Oh, and all the smileys I've been whining about. :D

love and tweaking,

05-08-00, 10:33 PM
The "e-mail notification" option is automatically check when I post a new topic, and I don't want this. Perhaps this can be addressed in the profile options?

Yes, it is in your Profile options. You have the ability to choose that as on or off by default.

Phyllis, I'm changing the signature right now. In the future, I plan on making that be based on your profile too. But for now, I'll add it on a permanent default. And thanks for the compliments.

CASEY BODE, you have been here since the very, very beginning, and I appreciate that. I appreciate your compliements :).

Butnud, the PM's are coming in a future version of this software. Please be patient while we make this transition. As for the links page, I don't think that is directly relevant to the Yankees, so therefore won't be added to the main site. Having the homepage icon above all your posts is an addition to this software that I haven't heard anything about. I hope that will suffice for you.

Thank you everyone for your comments and compliments! Keep 'em coming!

05-08-00, 11:44 PM
Jim - You've done a first class job. You've already addressed the signature problem on my post. One of the things I liked in the beginning was your hot topics on the main page. Just one more thing. I'd rather have it to where when you post a topic you go back to the overall forum instead of taking me back to what I just wrote about.

I know you are trying to implement all the bells and whistles to improve this site, but I think it is fine the way it is now. More isn't necessarily better.

You are da man!


05-08-00, 11:56 PM
I'd rather have it to where when you post a topic you go back to the overall forum instead of taking me back to what I just wrote about.

That was how it was in the first edition of the software, but the newest version takes you back to your post. I prefer it this way, for proofreading purposes. But I can understand why you'd want to go back to the forum. We'll take a poll on that, and based on the concensus, I'll adjust it. I like how it takes you right back to your post, instead of to the top of the topic, like on the old software. It saves you scrolling that way.

As for the hot topics, that was a lot of work. I had to do that all by hand, and it became troublesome. But, since I am constantly trying to make everybody happy, I'll unveil the project I was working on early. Go to this URL:


As you can see, it still needs some work, but I plan on implementing this into the main page as soon as I get it working properly. The new software gives me the ability to do this automatically. It won't be "Hot Topics", but it will be currently active topics. Maybe after I work out some of these wrinkles, I'll work on the "Hot Topic" version of it. I'm still learning this programming language (php), so you'll have to bear with me.

I hope this answers some questions!

Keep 'em coming!

Spirit of '78
05-09-00, 01:14 AM
Hey Jim, being a webmaster myself, I know the demands of running a website. I think you're doing a tremendous job!

Keep up the great work!



05-09-00, 06:39 AM
JIM, it's great in my book, very good job on your part and everyone else who's involved.

05-09-00, 07:58 AM

I have to commend you on what the great job that you're doing on this site! I really can't think of anything that I would change. I'm not a big poster and I'm actually a computer illiterate ~ and to me, this has been the easiest site for me to participate in. I love it!! :) :) :) Very impressive and very profesional and very comfy!! Keep up the good work!!

05-09-00, 09:35 AM
Jim - I'm trying to think of some constructive criticism to offer, but honestly, I don't have any dislikes when it comes to operating in here, whether it's posting or reading, or just maneuvering around. Things are clearly marked, etc.
I haven't tried chat at this site yet, I'm thinking I may drop in tonite, and will let you know if using that option offers any problems, etc.

Sorry, Jim, you are obviously perfect. How sad for you.
( haha ;) )

Sue (...I've been no help at all)

05-09-00, 10:00 AM
Jim, all I can say is. You rock, roll, and rule.. ooooops my bad! :D hehehe.. People, please know I was joking..

05-09-00, 10:07 AM
well i gotta list so have a seat...

first off, i think we should have more fights in here... everyone's too damn civil... used to be ya get on to one of these yanks sites, and ya could get a few good rounds of sparring w/ some knowitall bernie bashing, rocket trashing, posada slamming, knobby knocking, wannabe "yanks fan"

another thing, i think we should one have a moderator and we should post his damn name all over the place so everyone knows how freakin great he is...

just imagine all the power he could wield... he could ban yank fans that he dislikes for life from "posting."

and where are the brigades man... we NEED brigades man!!!

not enough jeterettes either... what, the guy bats under .300 and all of a sudden they're dumping him for jorge...

what else, what else... oh yeah, the most important aspect of any self respecting yankees fan forum: we need some freakin' rainbows in this place man... that's right RAINBOWS, millions of em, all over the damn place... I wanna see a huge friggin rainbow, pop out of my screen everytime I hit this link... heck, i think you should even change the name to rainbow-bronx-bombers.com... i wanna see a zillion of em explode everytime i post... i wanna free rainbow tee shirt if i get to 500 posts first, (& a six of brooklyn brews wouldn't hurt neither...) please jim.... we NEED rainbows...

mull it over and gime a buzz later ;)

p.s. GREAT job Jim, you RULE!!!!!!!!

05-09-00, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted By Mafia:
very good job on your part and everyone else who's involved.

Who else is involved?? ;) :P

Everyone else, thank you very much for the compliments, I really appreciate it. But I don't want this to be an ass-kiss post; even though I like it. A lot. :).

I really want to hear from the people that are NOT HAPPY about something. Anything. It doesn't matter how miniscule it is, I want to know. Colors, Font Size, Font Color, ANYTHING at all.

Again, I appreciate the compliements to no end, but I want to hear from those who don't like something about this forum.


Ansky, you are too funny! :O

05-09-00, 10:31 AM
First off, this place is great technical-wise... I *love* being able to get into the second page of a post directly, and I *love* being able to see how many people viewed a post.

I was only thinking of what Catherine said... I know the "e-mail notification" can be turned off in your profile options, but it possibly be defaulted the other way? I mean, now that I know, I'll turn it off, but I think that in general people don't want to see the notifications and would rather have it be defaulted as off.

Oh, yeah, and maybe a link to my articles from the forum so that people who never go to the front page can read them?

(YF "shameless self-promoter ;)" 36)

05-09-00, 10:39 AM
Actually, you'd be surprised. I thought the same thing, seeing as I never use the email notification. But when I had to turn off the email features (which are working again now, BTW) I was surprised at the amount of people that sent me emails saying that they weren't getting their reply-emails. I was stunned at the amount of people that actually do use it. I'd say it's a 50/50 shot. And it is also a "promotion" technique. Probably the only one of its kind that I use, but it keeps people coming back to the board. So I think I'll leave that as is, unless there is a large objection.

As for the link to your article, I had thought about doing that, but I figured that people who only come to the forum, only come to the forum. (did that make sense ?? ;)). And also, I'd go broke! :O And judging by the stats, it appears as if most people enter through the main page anyway. But the ratio is staggering; about 4,000 to 80 for May so far. That is, 4,000 people have clicked into the forums, but only about 80 into your article. I'd LOVE to change that.

Thanks again for the comments! Keep the negative stuff coming! Rip me apart! Tell me how much I su_k!!!

05-09-00, 10:47 AM
See above.:)

Besides that, I really like this site, though... the one thing that bothers me is that it's not "busy" enough -- but that's not your fault and you can't change that, and hey, (excused the cliche) I'd prefer quality over quantity anyway!:)

Ansky39, LOL!!!:D:lol:
---Hey, I [i]love these new smileys!!:O
(I just have to remember all of them!)

(Just testing...)

But this one's the coolest of all :dom.com: (not as far as what comes up...but check what you have to write to get it peoples!:P:p)

Oh, one more small complaint, Jim-- I have a smiley in my signature and it only comes up when I edit a post, if at all;is there any way to change that?

05-09-00, 11:04 AM
Thanks for putting the signature back on default. We old farts have a hard time remembering things sometimes you know.

As for ansky, well, that's my boy! Why you all think I adopted him?? He's both brilliant and funny.

BTHL, you slay me girl!!!

I'd really like to give you some criticism here Jim, I really would, but I just can't think of anything that would make this site better other than a few more people who post. But that's not your fault is it? Just take our ass kissing, I mean compliments and hold your head high, knowing you've done a hell of a job. Oh, and I vote take you back to the post you just made. I always proof read it before I go anywhere else anyway.

05-09-00, 11:08 AM
Heh, I just wanted to get post #7,000 :)

05-09-00, 11:11 AM
Oh yea, I didn't even see the www link on all the posts. Oops my fault. You just asked for anything to be brought up and I just made a comment about the PM's.
Jim everything else is great. Like I said before I love coming here! I told one of my classmates yesterday about this forum because it was apaprt of my final project for webpage design class. I had to make my own homepage and stuff. he lives in Georgia so you know what that means. Yea Braves fan! I was like yea all the members adopts a team besides the Yankees and there was 2 left Dodgers and Braves. I said well because I HATE the braves I chose the Dodgers. He thought that was funny. hehe

oh well enough with my boredom
See ya....

05-09-00, 11:17 AM
Ok Jim, YOU S*ck! :p

Ansky.. LMFAO! :D

05-09-00, 11:25 AM
Butnud, I feel dumb (not to mention computer illiterate). What's PM stand for?

05-09-00, 11:47 AM
Ansky - If you hadn't done something stupid and gotten your azz kicked out of that other site you could have had all your wishes come true. :O


Jim - Kim really means it. The you S_CK I mean! See we can start fights in here, really! :P

Bluesexy's daddy
05-09-00, 12:41 PM
Sincerely, Thank You for a nice place to follow the YANKEES. The personality cult over at the nut house was humorous at times but it became a bit to melo-dramatic for my taste. I enjoy having moderators that are not suffering any pressing needs for heavy psychiatric medication or institutionalization. The lack of hysteric paranoia here is always refreshing to me.

The fact that this place has not been converted to a refugee camp for recently parolled redsux fans is another great advantage from my pint of view.


How about that link to listen live to the game. Right now I am going to the nut house to get into the games.

How about the chat room. The times I entered it it was empty. Is there insufficient intrest here for a chat room?

Again, Thanks Jim for everything. Those strange 5 page emails from a certain paranoid lunatic that we all know and pitty were getting on my nerves.

05-09-00, 01:04 PM
Everything's great here, Jim F.

By the way, was your response to "Maureen" in your second post (above) about e-mail notification directed to me or NYIrish Maureen? If it was me, I really don't need anything changed at this time.

Keep up the good work!

- Maureen

05-09-00, 01:12 PM
Oh, I forgot, but I, too, liked the "Hot Topics" as opposed to the topics posted since the last time I was in here. I had the problem right now as when I clicked on your post which was one of the top posts, then replied, I tried to get back to see what other new topics came in since I was last in here and only one popped up. I really never got a chance to see all the other topics I missed since yesterday.

I'm also a big fan of how many people viewed the topic. You can kind of tell when a topic is worth looking into when the viewed-to-replied ratio is high.

Lastly, I really don't think the default for the signature should be checked because the threads can get a little long and redundant. I personally only use mine only once per thread, or when it is appropos to my reply.

...but it's only my opinion.

05-09-00, 01:13 PM
penguin4: On the old version of the forum software (UBB), I had a Private Messaging System integrated with the forums. The new software (vB) doesn't have that as an added feature yet, but it will be shortly. It was great for talking to other forumers, especially those who didn't post their email address. Basically it was a fun, easy, and non-intrusive way to keep "chit-chat" off the boards and in private discussions. :)

BSD: On the chat page, there is a link to listen to the game live. For licensing/broadcast rights reasons, I didn't want to put that on the main page. But I figured if it were "off the beaten path" it wouldn't become an issue.

I was hoping that would solve your second concern; people could listen & chat live. But it never really took off. I was hoping that you, and the other people that live out of TV/Radio broadcast territory like Russ, and OklaYankFan, Janet, BronxKeed, etc could listen to the game live.

My feed to the broadast is 100x better than the one at Yankees.com; I go straight to the source, at WABC, whereas Yankees.com goes through Broadcast.com. The sound is so much better here, it is amazing.

I would love to see the chat room used. It isn't as fancy as some other sites', but it gets the job done, and is extremely easy to use. I hoped by integrating it into the forum page more people would use it, but that's not the case. Then again, at Yankees.com, nobody was ever in those chat rooms, until one or two people started just going there and staying, pretty soon lost of people joined in.

If more people used it, I would make it totally dependent on your forum UN/PW, so that way you could just breeze right in and out without having to log in every time. But unless there is sufficient interest, I won't be doing that. (Time is money ;)).

yanxfan: My other reply was to Orangemom Maureen. :)

The hot topics was something totally different that I used to do in the first version of the site. You can see an example HERE (http://www.yankeesboard.com/Content/main6.htm).

The cookies are set differently with the new software, so only new posts since your last visit will pop-up. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, though.

Thanks for the compliments and suggestions everyone!

05-09-00, 01:27 PM
Russ- What's with the "946423243120" at the end of the URL for your site?

05-09-00, 02:05 PM
Is orangemom's real name Maureen, too??? All this time and I didn't know that. Wow, how many Maureen's do we have at this site? Must be the Official Name of the Female Yankee Fan!

I have one more question. . . once you post a topic, how do you edit the "subject" line. I just made a typo in my new topic about the All Star voting, and I typed All "Start" by mistake. I'd like to take that "t" out, but I can't figure out what to do. Help!

- Maureen

05-09-00, 03:17 PM
Jim - It was some dumba** number that was placed at the end of URL by geocities.com. However, you can reach the website without it too. If you want to eliminate it be my guest. It's a pain anyway.

05-09-00, 03:20 PM
hey penguin,
Please don't feel stupid. nobody should feel dumb or stupid for asking questions. somebody might not know what it means and doesn't want to say anything. I know I would feel that way if I didn't know something. But again asking a question is okay. that is the good thing about this site, everybody backs each other up and helps each other. so feel free to ask questions.
to answer your question PM means Private Messages. One can send private messages or Pm's to anybody who is apart of this site or even if they aren't, you can still send Pm's. They are simple private messages to other members or not. it is like an email, but shorter and stuff. I hope I asked your question.

05-09-00, 04:26 PM
yanxfan - simply put, you can't :). But I can, and I did. If that ever happens again, just drop me a note in this forum, and I'll change it for you. :)

at your service *bows* :)

Russ- I thought that was the case. I knew it didn't make a difference; you can go to any URL and put a ? after it, and anything after the ? won't mean anything. It's juat mainly used for tracking, so I wasn't sure if you were tracking hits from all your sig lines. IE, you could put yankfan.html?1234 on this forum, and yankfan.html?2468 on another forum, and then track how many hits you get from each individual website. :) Look on my front page, I have a click-tracking system to judge the popularity of certain pages, and to monitor the order in which people surf the site; so therefore I can put more or better information in those pages. Anyway, if you click on the forums button on the left, it just says forums.b-b.com, but under the gameday section on the main page, it says forums.b-b.com?front_page, so that way I can distinguish which way more people enter the forums. That's why I was wondering about your #'s. No biggie :)

05-09-00, 06:39 PM
I think there's another factor. Jeter always says he pays no attention to stats. I don't believe him. Last year, he stopped driving in runs when RBI No. 100 was near, and he stalled on hr--never did get to No. 25. Etc. If Derek has a good year he'll make it to 1,000 hits--and on target for 3,000 at 35 or 36. Frankly I wonder if this isn't making him nervous. But he'll get over it and be fine.

05-09-00, 07:07 PM
Jim, the very fact that you come on here and ask what you can do to make the board better, speaks volumes. I don't care what anyone says, public and private forums can be run EXACTLY the way a moderator wants them to be run...it is solely up to them. You have done an excellent job.

05-10-00, 12:52 AM
I love the work you have been doing. You are really a nice guy and an excellent writter!

I would like it if you could please tell me how I can add icons like smilies. I am stuck!!


05-10-00, 01:05 AM
Originally Posted By Penguin4:

Besides that, I really like this site, though... the one thing that bothers me is that it's not "busy" enough -- but that's not your fault and you can't change that, and hey, (excused the cliche) I'd prefer quality over quantity anyway!

Yes, that bothers me at times too. But this site only started in January, and has grown solely on word of mouth. I haven't done any real advertising or anything. So to keep the site growing, spread the word! But always keep in mind the level of quality conversation that we try to maintain (ie, no "Derek Jeter is soooooo HOT!" type of people; you know what I mean :)). If you know anybody who likes good, intelligent baseball conversation, please invite them over. Everybody is welcome, not just Yankee fans.

But to be honest, the site could never gain another member, and I would be totally, 100% thrilled with the excellent group of posters we have here. You all are the elite of the Yankee Fans on the internet, the "creme de la creme" and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have your support and patronage.

You also have to consider what you said, the quantity/quality aspect. I think there are many people who can add something positive to this forum, that tend to just "lurk" around; as witnessed by the views column. For some reason I think people are shy about actually posting here, for whatever reason it may be. I urge everyone to get involved, and to jump right in. The only thing that makes this site successful is the participation of the guests. Just because we try to maintain a healthy level of conversation, doesn't mean your comment is not welcome.

Chances are, if you are a member of this site and are reading this, you are perfectly able to formulate an intelligent response. And what's more, is WE DON'T BITE!! I think "other" sites made people feel snakebit. Everyone's opinions are accepted here. We don't get into silly fights over nonsense. And anyone who I see that does do that, has their account nuked. So don't be afraid of the water, it's just the right temperature!

In other words, this forum is nothing without all of you! So again, I appreciate the compliments, but the thing that compliments me the most, and that makes me feel great, is seeing people actively participate. The more people talk, the more I feel my job was done successfully.

I wish I had a picture of the smile I had on my face back in February when for the first time, I came to the forum and EVERY SINGLE FORUM had a new post, and by different people, and none of them were me! Even thinking about the tremendous joy I felt at that moment brings a smile to my face. It is kind of like an affirmation that all my hard work paid off. :)

This forum is for you, the Yankee fan. I just make sure everything works smoothly. There are some sites out there that couldn't care less about what the user thinks, but not this one. This place is for you, consequently I want to make it as good for you as possible.


05-10-00, 01:08 AM
jg2- Thanks for the compliments! :)

The smilies are listed in detail HERE (http://forums.bronx-bombers.com/index.php?action=showsmilies)

05-10-00, 02:35 AM
Originally Posted By Penguin4:

The subject titles are too small!!!!! Can you make them bigger?

Is that better? ;)

05-10-00, 02:48 AM
The software manufacturer is being very unresponsive about the signature problem, but I'm still bugging them about it. I won't leave you hanging, I promise! :)

05-10-00, 08:55 AM
Jim -

Thanks so much for correcting my typographical error. PLEASE feel free to do it anytime. (you don't know how much little crap like that bothers me).

- Maureen

05-10-00, 04:21 PM
What that said.:):):)

(BTW what happened to :dom.com:? Just curious...were people complaining or something?)

05-10-00, 04:26 PM
Actually, Orangemom's name is Phyllis. But that's ok.

05-10-00, 04:31 PM
Are you sure?? ;) I could have sworn you said in that it was Maureen...

Please accept my humble apologies.


05-10-00, 07:15 PM
I did it! I fixed the signature problem!! Who 'da man?? :)


05-10-00, 08:29 PM
Nah, nobody complained Penguin. I let the better half of my brain make a decision for once ;). I thought it'd be in the best interest of this forum to not pay any particular attention to that other one. I feel we are above things like that, though sometimes I forget...


05-11-00, 12:51 PM
I can't say anything bad. This site lowers my blood pressure. I don't get angry, have to deal with non-yankee fans, or get ripped apart if someone doesn't agree with something I say. It's very civil, and unlike somewhere else it doesn't feel like Days of Our Lives.

05-11-00, 04:14 PM
Jim, you know there's no way in hell I'm going to let you pay me until you're on absolutely and completely solid financial ground and are making a healthy profit for yourself. So don't worry about the money, 'cause I don't think about that; it's just that I work hard on my articles and I like them to be seen.

I guess the people I talk to who come straight to the forum are disproportionate to the group as a whole. You've got the stats, so I'm sure you'd know. I respect whatever call you make on this.

Well, beyond worrying about me, I've got not a complaint. I understand what you're saying about the e-mail thing.

Oh, well maybe one thing-- do you have a tutorial for smileys? I want to figure out how the heck to make that HHGTG icon!

(YF ":-" 36)

05-11-00, 04:21 PM
Smilies Tutuorial:


I appreciate it Britt, but don't be silly. I made a committment to you, and I intend to honor that committment. You just have to tell me when you want your money ;).

05-16-00, 03:38 PM
Jim - I've been away for awhile (business-related travel) and trying to catch up, so I haven't seen this 'til today.

I think you're doing a really crappy job. This is without a doubt the lamest board I've ever seen.;)

I mean, what kind of a Yankee fan would want to discuss real baseball issues with other Yankee fans? I'm MUCH more interested in discussing Derek's butt or reading a post from a well'N'known "trader", where he answers his own post a half dozen times because no one else will comment on his drivel.

That's why I keep coming back here. Duh. Stop fishing for compliments and get back to work.;)

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