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Jersey Yankee
03-25-06, 11:12 AM
I haven't seen this in ages, so I figured I'd post about it.


THE PINSTRIPED BIBLE (http://yesnetwork.com/yankees/pinstripedbible.asp)

Steven Goldman’s Pinstriped Bible appears weekly on YESNetwork.com. "Forging Genius," Steve’s new biography of Casey Stengel is now available at Amazon.com and a bookstore near you, as is "Mind Game," about the intellectual conflict between the Yankees and the Red Sox. More Steve is available on YESNetwork.com in the Pinstriped Blog, and the Baseball Prospectus Web site. If you missed any edition of the PB dating back to November 2002, click here. Your questions, comments, suggestions welcomed at oldprofessor@wholesomereading.com. The opinions stated below are solely those of the author and should not be attributed to anyone connected in an official capacity with the YES Network.

TUESDAY, March 21, 2006

The topic of today's column was going to be the grand showing by Yankees pitchers of late, but the Mike Mussina Show derailed what would have been a buoyantly optimistic opening about how the pitchers were rounding into shape and all was right with the world. Then it became Moose season — not the drunkenly lustful Moose mating season you read so much about, where Vermont motorists must be on their guard against hormone-drunk furry humvees with antlers stumbling into their cars. In that scenario, the moose does the damage. This time, the car got the Moose.

Mussina won't always be this bad, but as we've discussed in the past, age and injuries have taken just the slightest edge off of his very fine control. Now it's Very Fine Control Minus. That difference accounts for a lack of Mooseish consistency from start to start. Some days he's the old semi-Cy Young candidate. On others, he gets undressed like Charlie Brown pitching to the 1927 Yankees.

So Mussina's a buzzkill, because in the previous days even creaky old Randy Johnson had looked more like creaky young Randy Johnson. Pitching remains this club's weakness, because Johnson and Mussina have aged past consistency, Chacon and Wang might be one-hit wonders, and Pavano and Wright might already have registered for membership in that category. As for the bullpen in front of Mariano Rivera, who knows? Designing a bullpen on paper is a bit like designing the Freedom Tower. The conceptual work is easy, but in reality, the end product may prove to be unlike your expectations.

Fortunately, help exists. The scout-heads consider Matt DeSalvo — love to be the sign of an unorthodox fool, and PECOTA doesn't like the right-hander either. Yet, let us joust with this particular windmill, for it may yet prove to be a giant. (Note: Let's not oversell. Call him a serviceable giant.)

03-25-06, 06:14 PM
I read this every week. I don't always agree with Goldman, but it's a good read.

03-25-06, 10:51 PM
Cool, just bookmarked it, if only I could get paid to read about the Yankees all day. Thanks for the link.

Jersey Yankee
03-26-06, 08:25 AM
Thanks, folks. Any updates to this, let's keep this thread active. :D