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05-06-00, 04:10 PM
A couple of years ago, my brother and I were having a discussion about the Babe. And as we were talking we realized just how many teams could make some sort of claim/connection to him. We got to thinking so much that we decided to write it all down, and my brother got the idea that maybe we should post it on the forum. So here is our "Great Debate".

Major League Baseball is engaged in an argument. The teams can't decide who exactly holds claim to the greatest baseball player of all time --- Babe Ruth.

The New York Yankees argue that they have the most right to Babe Ruth: after all, he spent the most and best years of his playing career there, calling his home park Yankee Stadium (not to mention lived in New York), and was inducted into Cooperstown wearing a Yankees cap.

But the Baltimore Orioles say that they own the Babe: he was born, raised, grew up, and went to school in Baltimore, and wasn't the first organized professional team he played for called the "Baltimore Orioles"? Besides, the Yankees were called the "Baltimore Orioles" their first two years of existence.

And the Boston Red Sox say, "Hold on, we were his first major league team. He started on the Red Sox as a pitcher, and we were the ones who converted him into a slugger, not the Orioles, or the Yankees, or anybody."

YANKEES: "Yeah, but you were also the ones who traded him to us."

RED SOX: "But he came back to Boston anyway!"

Which brings us to the Atlanta Braves, originally the Boston Braves. They're taking the Babe because the Boston Braves were the last team he played for.

BREWERS: "Then you moved to Milwaukee. That means we, the Milwaukee Brewers, have as much right to him as you, the Braves, do. Plus ---"

MARINERS: "So! What about Seattle? The original name of the Milwaukee Brewers was the Seattle Pilots."

BREWERS: "Quiet, you! As we were saying, the original name of the Orioles, before they became the Browns, and then the Orioles of today, was the Milwaukee Brewers."

CARDINALS: "Browns. That's in St. Louis, baby!"

BRAVES: "He still retired from baseball wearing a Braves hat."

"Hey, wait a minute," cry the Los Angeles Dodgers, "He was our third base coach for a year while we were still in Brooklyn, which means the last hat Babe Ruth ever wore did not belong to the Braves, but to the Dodgers."

YANKEES: "Uh-uh. The last hat he ever wore was a Yankees' cap on Babe Ruth Day at Yankee Stadium, a few months before he died."

ROCKIES: "How do you guys know what was the last hat he ever put on? None of you ever saw. Maybe it was just a plain tan cap or something. Who says it had to be a baseball cap at all? It probably wasn't."

BRAVES: "And what claim does Colorado have to him?"

ROCKIES: "Ummm. . . none?"

BRAVES: "Then shut up. You're an expansion team, you have no business being here."

Everyone forgets about the San Francisco Giants; they were in New York when the Babe played. And when he was traded to the Yankees in 1920, the Yankees didn't have their own stadium, yet. "They were playing in the Polo Grounds; we were letting them share our stadium. (Of course, what did they do with it? They took it over!)"

METS: "No kidding. But the Polo Grounds belongs to us. You guys left. We were the last team there, before we got our own stadium."

GIANTS: "You guys didn't exist until long after he died!!!"

METS: "So what? It's still true."

PIRATES: "Talk about finales. We'll have you know that Babe Ruth's last three home runs came in one game. And where did that game take place? Pittsburgh, Forbes Field, against the Pirates. We're responsible for the '14' in 714. Without us he would have only hit 711 home runs."

CARDINALS: "Three home runs! Ha! Did he ever hit three against you in one game of the World Series? He did for us, and only us. Twice. And both times they happened in St. Louis, not in New York. See that! The most impressive moments of his World Series career, he saved for us."

The Chicago Cubs crack a smile. "The most impressive moment? We'll show you impressive. Wrigley Field, Game three of the 1932 World Series ---"

YANKEES: "What do you know about the World Series? There hasn't been one in Chicago for, like, fifty years!"

CUBS: "That's besides the point. Anyway, Babe steps up to the plate in the fifth inning takes two strikes and then. . ."

WHITE SOX: "Oh. . . no! He did not call his shot! He just did not point to the bleachers and hit a home run there!"

CUBS: "That's not what the baseball gods say."

The Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics (formerly of Philadelphia/Kansas City) just sit and smirk.

ORIOLES: "And what has the Babe done for you?"

TIGERS & ATHLETICS: "Babe Ruth?! Who needs Babe Ruth? We got Ty Cobb!"

Now, guys, you have to remember this stupid little skit was done purely for fun. We all know the answer; there's only one team the Babe belongs to, and it's the Yankees. But look how many teams can pretend!