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06-04-01, 08:49 PM
This guy is such a punk...what a joke!

Domi will appeal suspension after Cup finals


ESPN.com news services

Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi is expected to appeal the eight-game suspension imposed on him for next season for his handiwork against the New Jersey Devils' Scott Niedermayer, the Toronto Sun reported Friday.

Domi will appeal the NHL-imposed suspension after the Stanley Cup finals, a source close to Domi confirmed Thursday night.

Domi missed the final three games of the Leafs-Devils seven-game playoffs series and would have remained under suspension had the Leafs advanced. He is hoping to have the league reduce the suspension, not necessarily eliminate it.

"What Tie is saying is, if every playoff game is worth three to four regular-season games, and he has sat out three games already, what does that equal?" the source said.

Domi knocked Niedermayer unconscious with an elbow late in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Domi's agent, Don Meehan, also represents Niedermayer.

Domi has been offered the services of several criminal lawyers in Toronto to plead his case before NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and league vice president Colin Campbell. It isn't known who will represent Domi, who will be accompanied by Leafs general manager/coach Pat Quinn for his appeal.

Slippery Elm
06-04-01, 08:57 PM
He should have been ARRESTED.

And the real punk is the NHL that permits this and gives slaps on the wrist.

06-06-01, 01:31 AM
Agreed Slippery. Legalized assault league. :)