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05-06-00, 03:16 PM
BOSTON (AP) -- Pedro Martinez struck out 17, but his 13-game winning streak ended Saturday when Greg Vaughn's RBI single in the eighth inning gave the Tampa Bay Devil Rays a 1-0 win over Martinez and the Red Sox.

Martinez fanned six batters through two innings and had 12 strikeouts after five. The 17 strikeouts were the most in the majors this season matching a personal best; he fanned 17 Yankees in a one-hitter last Sept. 10.

He struck out Miguel Cairo to start the eighth for No. 16, then Gerald Williams grounded out before Dave Martinez singled and stole second. Vaughn, who struck out on three pitches in each of his first three at-bats, worked the count full before singling to center as Tampa Bay won for just the second time in seven games.

Martinez (5-1) allowed one run on six hits and one walk. Steve Trachsel (2-2) pitched a three-hitter and struck out a career-high 11 for his third career shutout. He walked three.

Martinez was making his scheduled start despite receiving a five-game suspension on Wednesday, three days after he intentionally hit Cleveland's Roberto Alomar with a pitch.

The suspension was appealed, but general manager Dan Duquette announced in the ninth inning that Martinez has withdrawn the appeal and will begin serving the suspension immediately.

"He decided to do that because this allows him to take his regular turn Friday in Baltimore," Duquette said.

After Gerald Williams singled on the game's first pitch, Martinez struck out the side. Trachsel struck out the first three Boston batters, and then Martinez fanned two more Devil Rays to make it eight consecutive whiffs.


It's about G-DAMN TIME!!

05-06-00, 03:26 PM

05-06-00, 03:59 PM
And i hope that whinner keeps losing. I can't stand his freakn' ego...

05-06-00, 04:34 PM
Yeah, ya GOTTA love it! Steve Trachsel?

We're starting to open this race up.

26 in '00

05-08-00, 07:29 AM
tracshel, a former garbage heap pitcher, mowed em down and won the duel w/ senor loudmouth...

wonder if mouthallmighty had any choice quotes for his teammates lack of run support...

05-08-00, 10:09 AM
Absolutely LOVED it!! And, what a surprise, in the 9th inning he withdrew his appeal :rolleyes: . Maybe now he wishes he would have accepted the suspension right away and maybe avoided the loss.

(...to Tampa Bay, no less - tee hee hee).

- Maureen

05-08-00, 10:49 AM
Choice Quote:

When asked why he didn't perform as well as he should have:

"I like to play the good teams, with the good pitching"

What an a-hole

05-08-00, 01:22 PM
I was glad to see Padro loose to. But honestly I can't bash him, even though he deserves it. Those of you that bash him might some day chant his name when he wears pinstripes. We all know when a bosox wants to win a championship, they become a yank.

05-08-00, 04:13 PM
god, now he wails even on the stupid Rays. I hope the Rays beat his sorry ass and team every single game...he has no honor!

05-09-00, 08:18 AM
sorry, but i'll never respect an ignorant jacka$$ like pedro, wheter on pinstripes or not... yeah he's got talent, but so does rocker... takes more than talent to wear these stripes... we've had the GREATEST players to play the game... it takes a good dose of humility and respect for the game... screw pedro and his loudmouth twin everett... don't want em, don't need em...