View Full Version : Scott Williams Suspended for Game 7

06-02-01, 10:46 PM
What a joke. The foul wasn't bad enough for an ejection, but on second thought, it's bad enough for a suspension? What a bunch of malarky.
Maybe my boy Ray Allen was right about the conspiracy thing. I hope the Bucks blow the doors off the Sixers.

06-03-01, 12:36 AM
Yes it is kinda unfair that Williams is now suspended but...Go Sixers!

06-03-01, 12:41 AM
Actually, Scott Williams was suspended in part because of the other flagrant fouls he committed earlier in the post-season before the Bucks-Sixers series. His foul on Iverson looks a lot worse on replay, too, so the refs during the game probably didn't get a good look at it. That and I heard something about a quote where the Bucks were going after the Sixers' throats... not sure the Bucks meant it literally, but I'm sure if it's true that it didn't help Williams' cause... (I'd give the link, but I can't remember where I heard/read it)

There is no conspiracy; the refs have tried to call the games as consistently as possible. There have been missed calls or bad calls on both sides (like it normally is in the NBA or during the NCAA tournament or any other league). The refs have generally let it be a physical, rough series.

As a Sixers fan, I hope they win Sunday. If not, I'll be disappointed but it'd still be a great playoff run, with the injuries and Tyrone Hill's father's illness. (I'll also miss all those post-game press conferences where Iverson holds his son who is just the most adorable thing. His son actually got interviewed today w/ Pat Croce... very cute.) Anyways, if the Sixers win tomorrow, the season will definately be remembered (not that it wouldn't be if they lost, but it'd have so much more meaning).

Trying to speak as objectively as possible, if the Bucks lose this series it will be their own fault. They were unable to fully capitalize on Allen Iverson's tailbone injury (and the injuries to an already depleted Sixers bench). They committed fouls that were unnecessary. No one told Sam Cassell to follow the referee in Game 5 & get that technical. Glenn Robinson missed the final shot and there was no goaltending whatsoever on Ray Allen's missed shot there.

Speaking of Ray Allen, I used to think he had some class; unfortunately, he's screwing up his own choir boy image. He should have just kept quiet and played ball.

And the Bucks have already lost the PR war (not that it matters much)... they handled the media terribly. They showed how unfocused they were; they gave quotes to the Sixers (and their fans) to use as ammunition. They probably didn't make friends with David Stern & the NBA either. Whether the Bucks win or lose Sunday, they will definately be fined by the NBA.

06-03-01, 09:13 AM
I don't know, but that elbow looked pretty bad.