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05-03-00, 04:14 PM
The 'Stros are having a slow start so far, I expect them to be there in the end. I think they're missing the big Dome, they're 3-9 at Enron Field.

Juiced Ball + Enron = 10-W + 15-L/3rd Place

The Good.....

Dotel better

Octavio Dotel reported significant improvement in his sore left hip, which forced him to leave Monday's start at Milwaukee after five shutout innings.

"It feels a lot better," he said. "I'm going to throw (today) if that's possible, so I'll know more about how it feels. I hope it's not going to give me any more trouble, because I'm throwing the ball well right now, and I don't want to miss any time."

Dotel was scheduled to be examined by a doctor Tuesday or today, at which point the Astros will have a better idea of the seriousness of the injury.

The Bad.....

Lima chart

Last season is looking like a long time ago for Jose Lima, whose struggles this year have been underscored by his performances against the Cubs in his past two outings.

Lima has allowed 21 earned runs in his past two starts, the most a pitcher has allowed in consecutive starts in franchise history.

He has given up eight home runs in his past 9 2/3 innings, spanning two starts.

Lima has lost five consecutive games, which matches the longest losing streak of his career. He also did it in 1996. He has one win after six starts. He had five wins after six starts in 1999, when he won a career-high 21 games.

He already has allowed 13 home runs this season, the highest total in major-league baseball.

Lima's ERA in his past five starts is 11.30.

The Ugly.......



May 26th, 27th, and 28th, BRING ON THE SOX!

26 in '00!

05-03-00, 04:33 PM
yeah that's "ugly"

poor lima... i feel so sorry for him... :rolleyes:

if he'd spend less time showing up teams after wins last seas, he'd relaize that he was nothing w/out that offense behind him... now he's in a hitters park, and the expos bats are minus everett so "he's" gotta win games... guess so far he's coming up short.

poor stros fans... these guys shelled out for a new stadium only to see the owner pull a subtle huzienga type fire sale...

they unloaded ausmus, hampton, bell and everett.

05-03-00, 06:02 PM
Hi Ansky,

This year "Lima time" means: bring your glove.

No doubt, the 'Stros have let some keepers get away. Bell is off to a great start for the Mets, but unless Hampton has a year close to a repeat of '99, and brings the Mets to the show, that deal will be considered a bust, especially if he walks. I'm looking forward to Carl "The Mouth" Everett's visit to the Stadium, that was a good move by the Sox, but him, Pedro, and Nomar won't matter since they're still short in the pitching dept.

Your "adopted" Expos are an exciting team, led by Vlad and the best manager of young talent in MLB, Felipe Alou. The Stork almost brought you a bouncing baby Rocker, wouldn't that of been fun? :D

Take care, Mike