View Full Version : Rocker Finally "Cracked"

05-02-00, 02:20 PM
Did you hear that at yesterday's Dodger/Brave game, Rocker came into the game in the 9th and was promptly visited by a fan who proceeded to drop his drawers and moon the dumb bigot??? I'm not sure what his reaction was, but I do know he gave up a run (and his teammates thought it was pretty funny, too).

It's a pity that they don't come into the Stadium this year, the Bleacher Creachers could have done the same and give him a "full moon" over the Bronx ;) !

Absolutley hysterical!

- Maureen

05-02-00, 03:23 PM
And rocker gave up a run too..tsk tsk..heheheh... that's great...
I can't wait to see what happens to him in NY though...that'll be sweeeeet. ;)

05-02-00, 08:56 PM
lol, that was pretty funny. i saw the clip on the news tonight. i've seen people run out on the field at the stadium, but they never mooned anybody. a bunch of us were dared to jump onto the field, run out to derek jeter and slap him on the butt. but if we were arrested, the person daring us wasn't bailing us out of jail. needless to say i didn't do it. although i have to admit, it was a tempting offer.

05-02-00, 09:05 PM
I think if yanxfan and I got together to moon rocker it would serve a dual purpose: 1) it would insult Rocker, and 2) it would block out the sun enough so that Tino could forego black eyepaint for a day.

So ya wanna go for it Maur?

05-02-00, 10:31 PM
So now we're talk'in about your derriere?

05-02-00, 10:35 PM
Rocker's first visit to New York is probably gonna make me even want to watch a Mets game. Ha ha ha ha ha :D

05-02-00, 10:46 PM
Nah, seahorse, I'll go back to Tino's, or yours in a pinch, you should pardon the expression.

Auntie Emm
05-02-00, 11:50 PM
That is too damn funny!

05-03-00, 12:00 AM
Another young life ruined by "crack" ... ;)

05-03-00, 01:07 PM
Actually, Irish, I think I'll pass 'cause Rocker's face would insult my butt!!!

05-03-00, 03:38 PM
don't do it ma... take it from your son, don't go to shea... (muttitis :D )

plus i hear they've shceduled a promotion in honor of his return... "mutts D battery night" or something... deranged mutts fans ;)

i think i'd rather fly to atl and endure their oh so creative, :rolleyes: dronelike, "chop" when we go there rather than deal with flushing, queens, mutts fans AND roclhead...

irish, that's something i'd "pay" for :D

05-03-00, 08:04 PM
LoL ansky! I'll even wear "The Hat"!