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08-18-05, 06:29 AM
Stick Michael did it five times. The only Yankee of his era *not* in the Hall of Fame, Frank Crosetti, and George Stovall fooled the runner six times.

The maestro was Bill Coughlin. He pulled it seven times, including one in the 1907 World Series.

Who got caught the most? Yes, it was he. Ozzie Guillen was caught three times dozing on the bases. "

INteresting article


08-18-05, 07:07 AM
Prior to Mike Lowell's successful "trick", I can't remember the last time I saw it pulled off. What a long walk to the dugout is must be for those guilty of falling for it.

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The article gave background/historical info- that's why I opened another thread

bobby jr
08-18-05, 11:47 AM
Eddie Murray tried the trick several times during his first year with the O's. It never worked and I think Weaver eventually told him to stop trying it.