View Full Version : Yankees and their DER

08-11-05, 03:46 AM
Currently the Yankees DER is .678, which is 27th in the Majors. That is just horrible. At one point in this season, they were on pace to set an all-time record for the lowest DER. However, you don't need stats to tell you that the Yankees are a bad defensive team; you can see that everyday.

I was looking through the different years in DER; I was wondering when the Yankees cracked the top 10 and I saw a trend:

2004: #19, .688
2003: #21, .681
2002: #21, .690
2001: #26, .684
2000: #13, .693
1999: #7, .699
1998: #1, .713
1997: #18, .685
1996: #22, .683

The first thing I noticed was: In years that we won the World Series, we had a relatively high DER. I went a step beyond that and thought about the composure of the teams. In the WS years, we had a relatively homegrown team while since then we have been a team full of mercenaries.

It is obvious that something needs to change; we cannot have a team this lack-luster on defense. However, I want this thread to try to stay away from what we can do to reconstruct the team back to its former defensive glory.

Again, I thought about the 01-05 teams and how they were composed of mostly free agents. In addition, I thought about who those free agents were; they were mostly older players. Then I got this thought: Older players (free agents) are older, which leads to being slower, which leads to a lower DER. Younger players (homegrown) are younger which means that they are faster, which leads to a higher DER.

Comments? Did I just prove something that is common sense? Did I prove anything at all? It is all just a coincidence? Am I paranoid? But, mostly, am I the king of semi-colons?