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04-30-00, 12:19 AM
This Homer crap is/has been getting nuts, don't ya think?

I was listening to ESPN radio a couple days ago, and it was stated that in the entire history of the Astrodome, the RECORD for combined Home Runs in a game was SIX.
In the 2ND game at Houston's new park, there were EIGHT homers.

ALSO, in the first NINETY years of Major League Baseball, there have been only two (2) shortstops who have had a game where they hit 3 home runs: Ernie Banks & (no crap) Fred Patek.
Since 1991, NINE shortstops have had three homerun games.

Personally, I think that "the powers that be" are really Intercoursing this game up.

I LOVE baseball. I LOVE the intracacies; the nuances--in other words, the ................ you don't see every day.

Ballparks are getting smaller and smaller while baseballs are getting livlier and livlier.

The game that I love is turning into a video game, and I'm not sure if I care for it.

26 in '00

04-30-00, 12:29 AM
Personally, I think that "the powers that be" are really Intercoursing this game up.

I love it!

You are totally right. Raise the mound!!

04-30-00, 04:23 PM
You're absolutely right George. Here they are ordering 600 dozen machine stitched baseballs from Taiwan or wherever and they're all being smacked over the walls. They've made it a hitters game in order to pack the ballparks. It's been said that the homerun is the most exciting thing in baseball - well it isn't, as you and I well know. Bring back the hand stitched ball, raise the mound, and move the fences back! Let's have a ball game (and create jobs in Haiti)!

Auntie Emm
05-01-00, 05:22 PM
I think this is ridiculous. They're taking all the intricacies out of the game...

05-02-00, 06:28 AM
Raising the mound will do more to increase strikeout sthan it will to decrease homers. It'll be like a Cardinals game.. whiff-Bang-whiff-Bang!! It is at best a part of a larger strategy.

Better / more complete solutions include:
- Compelling the umpires to call the strikezone the way it's written (especially the inside corner). Hitters can sit on the small strike zone too easily.
- Outlawing the body armor that batters (Mo Vaughn) wear these days. Hitters can dig in with near impunity.
- Taking the rabbit out of the baseball.
- Eliminating the DH in the AL & the minor leagues.
- Teaching pitchers to throw the change-up.

05-02-00, 12:54 PM
I don't know how I feel about the DH. I'm stradling the fence...

Auntie Emm
05-03-00, 12:54 AM
Kerry Wood hit a 2-run HR in his first game back after reconstructive surgery on his arm. I like it when a pitcher can help his own cause. If a pitcher can go out and hit a donger, you better hustle your ass your next AB.

05-06-00, 10:52 PM
Isn't the fact that Kerry Wood hit a 2-run dinger more proof that the game is getting just a little too "lively"?!?

Just a thought...

05-11-00, 04:16 PM
The one thing that can't be changed is the attitude of the fans...they WANT to see all these homeruns. I heard on the radio coming home today, that Giants fans BOOED their manager at todays game for walking McGwire...it was more important for them that he hit a homer! The players were mad as hell...and I don't blame them. I'm sorry that Roger's record was ever broken. This homerun thing is becoming obscene.

05-18-00, 03:30 PM
Dh is taking away the ablitlity for a pitcher to get some swings. I am a pitcher and I struggle out on the mound, but when I am up at bat, ( I am not a good hitter.) I reach out and take my hacks. Come On Buddy whatever the hell your last name is! The commissioner! U didn't get rid of Betty Crocker from the braves so do what right and get rid of the Dh role and make it so the poitchers can take soem hacks. Shoot maybe there are some good hitting pitchers out there.

05-18-00, 06:54 PM
I dont even consider the players today in the same boat as mantle, maris, or ruth. when mac and sosa hit all those dingers, it didnt even phase me, i wasnt impressed, i didnt care....well, actually it upset me. it just seems like their conditions are different, THE MICK was the real deal. and you're right we might as well be playing MLB 2000, with the ridiculous amount of homers in recent years. ever notice though, big mac always hit homers, but it wasnt until he went to the national league that he broke records. sosa too in the national league...kinda makes you think?

05-19-00, 12:24 AM
McGwire moves into eighth place on homer list as Cards beat Phillies
May 18, 2000
SportsLine.com wire reports

PHILADELPHIA -- Mark McGwire broke ties with Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays on the same night.

"It's absolutely unbelievable, phenomenal to hear my name mentioned with those guys," McGwire said after homering three times and setting a career-high with seven RBI in the St. Louis Cardinals' 7-2 win over the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday night.

McGwire has 539 homers and is eighth on the career list, three ahead of Mantle. McGwire's 64th multihomer game broke a tie with Mays for the second-most ever. Babe Ruth had 72.

"It means a lot to me, but I have to worry about playing a game tomorrow," McGwire said. "It's not like my career is over. I think about those guys a lot, but until I retire, it's not going to hit me."

McGwire, who took over the major league home-run lead with 17, broke a tie with Mantle in the first inning when he hit No. 537, a three-run drive off Curt Schilling (1-2).

McGwire hit a two-run homer in the second inning -- only the 54th player to reach the left-field upper deck at Veterans Stadium -- to make it 5-0. He added a two-run shot in the eighth off Wayne Gomes for No. 539.

"When you see greatness, whether it's athletics or entertainment, it never gets old," St. Louis manager Tony La Russa said.

Just 17,137 paid to see the game at Veterans Stadium and the actual attendance looked even smaller.

With the fifth three-homer game of his career, McGwire became the only NL player with a pair of three-homer games in Philadelphia; he also did it on May 19, 1998.

McGwire is 4-for-18 in his career against Schilling, with all four hits being homers, including one on April 30. He had been 0-for-6 with four strikeouts in the three-game series against the Phillies.

"When you face a guy like Schilling, who has owned me my whole career, I see the best of the best," McGwire said. "If he throws 93-94 to someone else, he throws 97-98 to me, with movement. I was lucky.

"I don't look at things as locked in, hitting the ball real well. I look at it like constant adjustments. Last night I couldn't hit a ball with a wet newspaper. Tonight, I centered some balls."

Next up for McGwire on the career home run list is former Phillies star Mike Schmidt at 548. McGwire received a standing ovation after his second homer and fans booed loudly when he was intentionally walked in the fourth.

St. Louis has homered in 36 of 40 games and are on pace to hit 344, shattering the record of 264 set by the 1997 Seattle Mariners.

Schilling, making his fourth start since offseason shoulder surgery, allowed five runs and nine hits in six innings, walked five and struck out five. With his second subpar outing in less than a week. His ERA rose from 3.15 to 4.15.

"I pitched poorly; no excuses," Schilling said. "I threw balls in spots I didn't want and he did what he does with those pitches. He's done it over 500 times."

Garrett Stephenson (6-0) allowed two runs and nine hits in 5 2/3 innings. The Cardinals are averaging 9.3 runs in his seven starts.

"It's just a great feeling to have somebody go out and with one swing, get you three runs," he said. "He's phenomenal."

La Russa was most impressed that two of McGwire's homers came off Schilling, who has fanned McGwire eight times in 18 at-bats.

"He's as good a right-hander as there is in the league," the manager said. "When you get one off an upper-echelon pitcher, it's special."

Philadelphia made it 5-1 on a two-out double by Mickey Morandini in the second, and Desi Relaford singled in a run the sixth.