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Jim F.
05-07-01, 09:43 PM
First, I'd like to thank silverdsl for the great tutorials! Thanks a bunch, I would have been totally lost if not for you. And I only tanked one roll of film (you never told me to rewind the film before opening the film door ;)).

This is Volume One which features assorted Clippers Players. Volume 2 will contain just Nick Johnson pictures :D.

Here goes:

First My Favorite:
DH Henry Rodriguez swings and misses

SS Erick Almonte applies the pick-off tag

Domingo Jean delivers a pitch in relief

D'Angelo Jimenez takes a big swing

D'Angelo Jimenez relays the ball to first to complete a 6-4-3 double play

D'Angelo Jimenez prepares to take a cut

Starting Pitcher Denny Lail delivers a pitch

Third Baseman Scott Seabol makes contact with a pitch

Third Baseman Scott Seabol, after making a nice backhanded grab, sets to throw the runner out at first base


Jim F.
05-07-01, 09:46 PM
Strike 1 - Shane Spencer fouls off a pitch at the plate

Strike 2 - Shane Spencer fouls another pitch at the plate

Strike 3 - Shane Spencer looks at a called third strike


05-07-01, 10:01 PM
What position is Jimenez playing now, SS or 2B?

05-07-01, 10:07 PM
Great pics, Jim. Your timing is getting really good. The shots of Jean releasing the ball and Seabol making contact couldn't have been clicked at a better moment.

05-07-01, 10:14 PM
Oops, I guess I did forget to tell you to rewind the film! :eek:

It looks like you were a pro at using that camera though! The pictures came out so good! Wow! I'm impressed. You have a great eye for capturing the action and that's almost more important than knowing how to use the camera!

That one of H-Rod is terrific with the ball hanging in the air like that! And I like the one of Almonte making the tag too.

I can't wait to see more! :)


Jim F.
05-07-01, 11:54 PM

I tried to rewind the film, but I didn't do it right. I didn't realize there was a button I had to push as I rewound. I thought I had gotten it all the way, but when I opened the film door - I didn't :).

There were some good shots on that roll, too. But at least now I know :).


Jim F.
05-08-01, 01:13 AM
Originally posted by Cubangirl4Yanks
What position is Jimenez playing now, SS or 2B? D'Angelo is getting most of his playing time at second. Erick Almonte plays the majority of games at SS, and is very good. He's got a good glove and a decent bat. It's too bad he plays for the AAA team of an organization that just signed their Major League SS to a 10-year deal :).

From what I have seen and read, D'Angelo is recovering very slowly from his accident. But considering he wasn't really supposed to even walk again, we can't really complain. The more playing time he gets, the more he'll improve.


05-08-01, 08:58 AM
That "called third strike" seemed a little low there! LOL!


05-08-01, 11:04 AM
Great pics Jim, thanks.

Pete I wuz thinkin the same thing!!! LOL :):)


05-08-01, 11:32 AM
Great pics! But where is my fav Robert Perez????

05-08-01, 11:47 PM
great pics Jim...you are so multi-talented....a great photographer too! Looking forward to seeing more as you take em. ;)

05-09-01, 01:47 AM
Nice to see Spence playing baseball again.:) He looks even more fit than ever... like perhaps he's lost some weight!

05-09-01, 11:35 PM
Thanks for the info. Jim