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05-02-05, 04:13 PM

NEW YORK- Who said the Squeaks don’t have any pitching?

The Squeaks starting pitchers looked very good in Week 4, as they were the determining factor in the Squeak’s victory, adter the offense played rather poorly. Sidney Ponson, who delivered the Squeak’s victory last week over Rhode Kill, scored -2 points, but the other four starters were good. Joel Pineiro led the way with 45 points thanks to 7 ER in 15.1 innings, pitching a CG and getting a W and QS. C.C. Sabathia scored 30 points thanks to throwing seven innings of three-hit ball. Nate Robertson pitched 6 innings of four-hit ball on his way to 13 points. Mark Prior scored only 21 thanks to a tough Sunday start. Jorge Julio was the only Squeaks reliever to score this week, scoring 12 points.

On offense, Geoff Jenkins led the Squeak’s attack with only 22 points. Javy Lopez hit two homers which was enough to put him slightly over 20 with 21 points.

John Patterson, who scored 35 points, was benched again, but he will be in the starting lineup this week against the Lumberjacks thanks to his shocking 1.60 ERA.

The Empire’s pitching was, shall we say, less than consistent. Odalis Perez pitched well, giving up three hits in seven innings on his way to 32 points. Jason Johnson was somewhat competent in two starts, managing 15 points. With those two starts, the Empire managed 8 total points out of their SP. How? Jason Westbrook and Rodrigo Lopez. Westbrook gave up nine runs in 2 and 1/3 innings on his way to -23 points. Lopez wasn’t far behind, giving up 8 ER in 3.1 innings, scoring -15. Curt Schilling did not pitch. The pen pitched well, as B.J Ryan scored 27 points behind three saves, and Braden Looper picked up two saves of his own on his way to 15 points.

Offensively, the Empire was not very good, but was better than the Squeaks. Richie Sexson scored 29 points thanks to two homers, and Gary Sheffield and Bret Boone both scored 20 points or more.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Joel Pineiro, NYS, 45 Points

HITTER OF THE GAME: Richie Sexson, EMP, 29 Points


SPRINGFIELD- Who would have thunk it? Coming into last week, if one combined the points of Javier Vazquez and Brian Lawrence, they would have come up with a paltry 29. Last week alone? Those two scored 114.

That was the story of the game. Javier Vazquez, who had 16 total points all season, finally pitched like the All-Star that many called him on Montreal, scoring 77 points during the week. Vazquez pitched 17 innings of 4 Run, 11-hit ball, pitching a CG and notching two Ws and two QSs, striking out 17. Brian Lawrence, who had 13 points total coming into the week, had a 37 point start, giving up two hits over eight innings. This was enough to overcome Tom Glavine’s -15 point start, as he raised his ERA to 5.67.

Offensively, Lyle Overbay excelled, scorin 37 points thanks to an incredible 9-11 week (.818 BA) with three homers and seven RBIs. Cesar Izturis, Luis Gonzalez, and Jay Gibbons all also scored 20 or more.

For the Lous, the team was so shell shocked by the performances of Javy and Lawrence that everyone other than Jeff Suppan, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Damon, and Vladimir Guerrero seemed to take a nap. Those four were the only ones to score over 20 points, and Suppan was the only one to score more than 30. The SP was solid for the Lous, and every offensive players scored 10 or more, but it was just mediocrity.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Javier Vazquez, SPR, 77 Points

HITTER OF THE GAME: Lyle Overbay, SPR, 37 points



Though I guess I shouldn’t be talking, owning John Patterson. Good as Patterson has been though, he hasn’t put up a 93 point week. Yes, you read that right, 93 points. He pitched two games and 18 innings, and you know what that means. Yep, two CGs. How many runs? Zero. How many hits? Eight total. 2 Ws, 2 QSs, 2 CGSHOs, and 9 Ks to boot = one of the best performances we’ll see from a player all year long.

The irony is that the Marauders suck so much that even if Garland had put up a -85 spot, the Truth still would have won. They absolutely demolished the Marauders in all facets of the game, with three players scoring twenty-eight points or more on offense, and Barry Zito (29 Points) and Jake Peavy (23 points) both pitching fairly well. Scott Erickson and Brian Anderson, their other two starters, only combined for 4 points.

Melvin Mora led a strong offense with 34 points, going 10-22 on the week with two homers. Jeremy Burnitz scored four times, hitting two homers and driving in seven runs on his way to 29 points. Mike Sweeney scored 28, and Jeff Bagwell also added 24.5.

The Marauders basically sucked other than Dontrelle Willis, who scored 29 thanks to a cheap CG bonus thanks to a rainout and Chad Cordero, who scored 20 points.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: John Garland, TNT, 93 Points

HITTER OF THE GAME: Melvin Mora, TNT, 34 Points



“The Liger is pretty much my least favorite animal,” Saxmania was heard saying as he packed his bags underneath Liger Stadium after the Swingers dropped to 1-3 at the hands of the expansion Ligers.

Manny Ramirez was mediocre with 20 points once again, but the Ligers pitching from top to bottom carried them once again. Chris Carpenter scored 31 points with a good outing. Bronson Arroyo managed 26. Orlando Hernandez scored 20. John Thomson and Roger Clemens scored 17 and 15 respectively. The bullpen of Jose Mesa, Ryan Madson, and The 2nd Worst Keeper in League History Danny Kolb ™ scored 46 points.

There were bright spots on offense, as well. Tadahito Iguchi played very well, going 9-22 on the week on his way to 26.5 points, and Travis Hafner (25) and Rafael Furcal (22) also scored over 20.

The Swingers received four good pitching performances and not much else. John Smoltz scored 38 points in two starts, allowing 2 runs in 13.1 innings. The 5 Ks were a bit of a concern, though. Erik Bedard struck out seven over 8 innings of 5-hit ball, scoring 36 points. Brad Radke scored 31 points in two starts. Livan Hernandez managed 24 points in a start. On offense, the Swingers had only two player (Hank Blalock with 20.5) who even sniffed 20 points. The next highest scoring player was Mark Loretta with 18, and after him the totals stopped all the way to 13.5.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Chris Carpenter, LIG, 31 Points

HITTER OF THE GAME: Tadahito Iguchi, LIG, 26.5 Points


The Lookalikes looked very good last week, scoring 283 points and beating a tream led by 72 points from Doug Davis and Bartolo Colon, and one very special performance. The pitching of the Lookalikes was well balances, with Derek Lowe scoring 31 points, Tomo Ohka scoring 27, Danny Haren scoring 21, and Bret Myers scoring 26. The bullpen, led by Billy Wagner’s 28 points, scored 50 points total.

On offense, things weren’t pretty. Sean Burroughs was their only player who was over 20 points, scoring 21.5

For the Guys with Wood, the story was one Alex Rodriguez. A-rod scored….lots of points on Tuesday, and ended the week at 9-21 with five of those nine hits going over a Yankee Stadium wall, and 12 RBI. It was good for 46 points. Doug Davis pitched very well, scoring 41 points in two starts, and Bartolo Colon scored 31. Mike Hampton managed 21 points. Mark Teixeira also added 26 points.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Alex Rodriguez, GWW, 46 Points

PITCHER OF THE GAME: Doug Davis, GWW, 41 Points

ACTUAL WINNER: NOM, 282.5 Points


The Gigawatts were mediocre in Week 4. However, their mediocre trumped the Slugger’s horrendous, and they won rather easily.

Cliff Floyd led the Gigawatts, continuing to tear up the National League with 32.5 Points, going 9-22 with 2 HR and 9 RBI. Chase Utley and Shea Hillenbrand scored 23 and 23.5 Points respectively. On the pitching end of things, the Watts were unspectacular, but they got three 20 point games from Roy Oswalt (23), Cory Lidle (23) and Gustavo Chacin (22). Andy Pettitte also added 12 points.

The Sluggers only had one offensive player score over 12 points. (Garrett Anderson with 19.5), and their pitching past Jeremy Bonderman (33 Points) and Yhency Brazoban (20) was inconsistent.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Cliff Floyd, DOC, 32.5 Points

PITCHER OF THE GAME: Jeremy Bonderman, TUG, 33 Points


Roy Halladay was a big help, as the Lumberjacks defeated the Wolverines last week.

While it bugged me that Jason was dancing in the streets after Roy Halladay’s 3 hitter against the Yankees, it is what won him the game. My feelings of FBB and Regular baseball can be seen in other threads, though.

Halladay scored 51 points in his CG SHO at Yankee Stadium. Jason also got good efforts from Josh Towers (28 Points) and Brad Penny (27 Points.) J.D. Drew hit two homers scoring 24 points and David Wright played well scoring 23.5, but Chone Figgins (11-23) and Sean Casey (7-25, HR) led the offense with 25 points apiece.

For he Wolverines, the win was sitting on the bench. The Wolverines had three starters (Carlos Zambrano, Rich Harden, and Brandon Webb) in negative figures, and 21 point Chris Capuano on the bench. Obviously, Wai can’t be blamed for starting those three, but in nearly any other week, one of them would have scored at least 10 or 11 points, giving the Wolverines a victory. Luckily for the Lumberjacks, this was not that week.

11-25, HR, 8 RBI was the line for Albert Pujols, as the superstar cruised to 37 points. Neifi Perez added 25.5 and Eric Hinske tacked on 24.5 Jason Varitek also scored 21.5 points.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Roy Halladay, LUM, 51 Points

HITTER OF THE GAME: Albert Pujols, MIC, 37 Points


Miguel Tejada, the 4 Horsemen’s first round draft pick, scored 41 points last week, leading them to victory. Tejada hit well over .500 (12-22) with 4 HR and 10 RBI. Justin Morneau returned from injury, scoring 31, and Eric Chavez added 21 points as well. Odalis Perez scored 27 points in two starts on the pitching end, and Miguel Batista and Justin Duchscherer and Huston Street combined for 58 points in the bullpen, led by Duchscherer’s 27.

For the Bombers, there was not much good. Corey Koskie and Adam Dunn each hit 2 HR on their way to 23.5 and 23 points respectively. That was all.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Miguel Tejada, T4H, 41 Points

PITCHER OF THE GAME: Justin Duchscherer, RP, T4H, 27 Points


The Rhode Kill, who looked so invincible just two weeks ago, are looking very vincible now, as they dropped to 2-2 this past week, despite the efforts of Derrek Lee.

Johan Santana was Johan Santana this week, giving up only three runs and seven hits in 16 innings while striking out 15. He scored 62 Points. Brian Roberts continued his inexplicable tear, scoring 32.5 points thanks to a 10-22 week, with a HR. Ken Griffey Jr. starter to show signs of life, hitting his first homer on his way to 25.5 points. Other players with over 20 points on offense included Ichiro’s 24, Shannon Stewart’s 22.5, and Troy Glaud’s 22.5.

Pitching-wise, Chan Ho Park scored 27 points and Gil Meche scored 29 to add to Santana’s effort.

Derrek Lee is arguable the April MVP of baseball, and he showed why this pat week. Only one other player scored over 20 points for the Kill on offense (Darin Erstad), but Derrek Lee made up for a few of them scoring 51.5 points. He went 10-22 with 4 HR and an amazing 13 RBI. Woody Williams and Freddy Garcia scored 28 and 21 points pitching.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Johan Santana, ICE, 62 Points

HITTER OF THE GAME: Derrek Lee, RHO, 51.5 Points


The Naughties SP only managed 23 points, but it was plenty to win thanks to the Holdouts performance. The Naughties bullpen was very good, with Joe Nathan leading the way with 26 Points and the other relievers, Octavio Dotel and J.C. Romero combining for another 26 of their own. There were also offensive bright spots. Phil Nevin scored 28 points thanks to three HR, and Moises Alou scored 28.5 in his return weel. Carl Everett and Carlos Guillen each scored 21.5.

For the Holdouts, Randy Johnson scored 37 points thanks to a CG loss, and Eddie Guardado scored 25 points, not to mention Mike Maroth’s 26 points, but the offense was anemic, with only Miguel Cabrera (23) scoring over 16 points. Three pitchers (Pedro Astacio, Ryan Drese, and Keith Foulke) were in the negatives as well.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Moises Alou, NEW, 28.5 Points

PITCHER OF THE GAME: Randy Johnson, BOR, 37 Points



1) Derrek Lee, Rhode Kill (51.5 points)

2) Alex Rodriguez, Guys with Wood (46 points)

3) Miguel Tejada, The 4 Horsemen (41 points)

4) Albert Pujols, Michigan Wolverines (37 points)

5) Lyle Overbay, Springfield Nuclear Powerplant (37 points)

6) Melvin Mora, The Naked Truth (34 points)

7) Brian Roberts, Italian Ice (32.5 points)

8) Cliff Floyd, Doc's 1.21 Gigawatts (32.5 points)

9) Justin Morneau, The 4 Horsemen (31 points)

10) Alex Rios, The Marauders (29.5 points)


1) Derrek Lee, Rhode Kill (154.5 points)

2) Brian Roberts, Italian Ice (146 points)

3) Miguel Tejada, The 4 Horsemen (128 points)

4) Jeff Kent, New York Squeaks (126 points)

5) Albert Pujols, Michigan Wolverines (116.5 points)

6) Alex Rodriguez, Guys with Wood (114.5 points)

7) Clint H. Barmes, The Lumberjacks (106 points)

8) Vladimir Guerrero, Larrupin' Lou's (103 points)

9) Mark Teixeira, Guys with Wood (102.5 points)

10) Derek Jeter, New York Squeaks (102.5 points)

11) Manny Ramirez, The Ligers (101.5 points)

12) Lyle Overbay, Springfield Nuclear Powerplant (100.5 points)

13) Darin Erstad, Rhode Kill (99 points)

14) Eric Hinske, Michigan Wolverines (98 points)

15) Troy Glaus, Italian Ice (98 points)


1) Jon Garland, The Naked Truth (93 points)

2) Javier Vazquez, Springfield Nuclear Powerplant (77 points)

3) Johan Santana, Italian Ice (62 points)

4) Roy Halladay, The Lumberjacks (51 points)

5) Joel A. Pineiro, New York Squeaks (45 points)

5) Brett Tomko, Boras's Holdouts (45 points)

7) Aaron Heilman, Boras's Holdouts (44 points)

8) Doug Davis, Guys with Wood (41 points)

9) John Smoltz, Saxmania's Swingers (38 points)

10) Brian Lawrence, Springfield Nuclear Powerplant (37 points)

10) Randy Johnson, Boras's Holdouts (37 points)


1) Dontrelle Willis, The Marauders (166 points)

2) Jon Garland, The Naked Truth (161 points)

3) Johan Santana, Italian Ice (150 points)

4) Roy Halladay, The Lumberjacks (147 points)

5) Pedro Martinez, NY Bombers (144 points)

5) A.J. Burnett, NY Bombers (144 points)

7) Jake Peavy, The Naked Truth (136 points)

8) Roger Clemens, The Ligers (132 points)

9) Josh Beckett, The 4 Horsemen (127 points)

10) Randy Johnson, Boras's Holdouts (126 points)

11) Derek Lowe, Nomo Lookalikes Who Sell Pizza in the Pavilions (125 points)

12) Roy Oswalt, Doc's 1.21 Gigawatts (120 points)

13) Bartolo Colon, Guys with Wood (117 points)

14) John Patterson, New York Squeaks (115 points)

15) Mike Hampton, Guys with Wood (111 points)


1) Billy Wagner, Nomo Lookalikes Who Sell Pizza in the Pavilions (28 points)

2) Justin Duchscherer, The 4 Horsemen (27 points

2) B.J. Ryan, Evil Empire (27 points)


1) Joe Nathan, Newburgh Naughties (84 points)

2) Francisco Rodriguez, Doc's 1.21 Gigawatts (71 points)

3) Scot Shields, The Lumberjacks (66 points)

3) Billy Wagner, Nomo Lookalikes Who Sell Pizza in the Pavilions (66 points)

5) Brandon Lyon, Rhode Kill (65 points)

And Eric would like to make a special note that:

39) Danny Kolb, The Ligers (40 points)

05-02-05, 04:23 PM
Again, well done, Kevin. I'd like to note that I wasn't "dancing in the streets" after Halladay shut down the Yankees. I was torn, but ultimately happy because his performance saved me for the week.

05-02-05, 04:54 PM
Again, well done, Kevin. I'd like to note that I wasn't "dancing in the streets" after Halladay shut down the Yankees. I was torn, but ultimately happy because his performance saved me for the week.

Dancing in the streets.

05-02-05, 06:09 PM
Dancing in the streets.

Dancing in your moms streets.

Yea, that's right. I went there.

05-02-05, 06:19 PM
Dancing in your moms streets.

Yea, that's right. I went there.

No you didn't-you didn't go there. :eek:

05-02-05, 06:40 PM
Arod and Davis I trade them for a WIN!!!

05-02-05, 11:49 PM
Excellent work, Kev :gulp: I wish I could have saved some of those points for this week, vs the Wolvies; it already looks like I'm going to need them.

Best line of the week: “The Liger is pretty much my least favorite animal,” Saxmania was heard saying.... :lol: