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04-01-05, 02:07 PM

from Rotoworld:

- Get a "Prison Bitch." You'll probably have a rookie or a new guy in your league. Befriend him. Nod approvingly at him when he makes his first blunder. Defend him to the rest of the league when he violates some procedural rule. Make him think you're his buddy. He'll remember you for it later in the season. While he might toss your salad in prison, he'll serve an even better purpose on the outside- a willing trading partner. You'll literally rape him sometime in May...and then dump him like you would on the inside. Throw his carcass to the wolves. Too bad for them, though, as you'll have already picked that bone clean.

Guess it makes more sense for the other league since it's established already..:lol:

04-01-05, 02:13 PM
:lol: That's great!