View Full Version : Stupid Question I know but I don't know where to look.

04-29-01, 11:48 AM
What is the problem with Marcus Camby. I know he is having some family trouble. But can somebody update me more.

04-29-01, 11:58 AM
hey butnud -- a nutcase broke into Camby's mother's house and took his mother and two sisters hostage for about 8 hours...his mother and one of the sisters escaped, but he still had one of the sisters hostage...he demanded Camby show up, which he did (although the cops wouldn't let him inside) and then he released the other sister...at first it appeared she had minor injuries but was later revealed that he sexually assaulted her...obviously, Camby and the entire family are extremely shaken and they are having a tough time dealing with this...

I posted the stories a few posts down..you may want to read these for more information....hope that helps.

04-29-01, 06:24 PM
I didn't know about camby's sister ..what a shame.