View Full Version : quick mutts update

04-25-00, 11:54 AM
okay, the mutts have gotten their act together and have won 10 out of the last 11 games. they swept the cubbies over the weekend and beat the dodgers in a make-up game yesterday 1-0. Matt Franco hit a single with bases loaded one out in the ninth to drive in the only run of the afternoon. the mutts are now 13-7 and tied with the braves for first place. they take on cinncinati tonight with leiter scheduled to pitch.

04-25-00, 12:01 PM
boooo!!! hisss!!! ;)

04-25-00, 12:11 PM
and may i ask where are your expos in the standings?

04-25-00, 12:34 PM
it's still early, talk to me in june / july... by then it should be a 2 team race: my xpos and those lousy chopheads...

ole bobby and the mutts will finally part ways before the allstar break after someone publishes his diary on the mutts website, (losers.com) and it shows he's trashed everyone associated w/ baseball, simulates mutts games on Triple Play 2000 for his managerial expertise, and has a secret love affair w/ none other than bobby bo... :D

by the way, nice to see ole chumpton finally gotta a win... ;)

04-25-00, 01:33 PM
okay ansky, deal. we'll see who's neck and neck with the chopheads in june/july. if the mutts keep on playing the way they do, i'm going to say their going to give atlanta a run for their money. i don't like bobby v, never have, never will. my uncle, a diehard mets fan, hates bobby v. respects torre and will root for the yanks. i almost went to the mets dodgers game with him yesterday, he wanted me to play hooky with him. but i had work and school so i couldn't go. i digress, anyway, the definately have some interesting characters over there, but they are winning. so how bout that bet? :D