View Full Version : Scouts vs. Stats article for ESPN/BA

Bernie Inferno
01-13-05, 04:33 PM

I found this article very interesting. It's basically a forum discussing the roles of scouts and statisticians.

The four participants were Gary Hughes, the Cubs' assistant GM and a scout for over 30 years with many clubs; Eddie Bane, the Angels' scouting director and a former top pitching prospect himself; Gary Huckabay, one of the lead analysts for Baseball Prospectus and a statistical consultant for the A's; and Voros McCracken, another top numbers man who also consults for the Red Sox.

01-14-05, 11:50 AM
I found the article boring and repetitive myself. I've heard this stuff so many times.

01-20-05, 12:34 AM
It's really an issue with the Yanks right now. Bill Emslie is a former ump and old school scout he gives George a lot of really dumb ideas. It would have been great if the Yanks had scooped McCracken.