View Full Version : PIRATES - Off to a boring start

04-21-00, 06:49 AM
Well, the Buccos are off to a dull 6-9 start, with very little exciting news.

Their vaunted young pitching staff has been underwhelming, with nominal ace Kris Benson sitting at 0-2 6.89.

Team ERA and team BA are in the middle of the pack in the NL, but they're second to last in runs scored.

A few of the comparatively bright spots.
- RF Brian Giles has 4 HR/15 RBIs
- Newly acquired John Vander Wal is hitting .368, largely in a pinch-hitting role
- C Jason Kendall is all the way back from his horrific ankle break of last year, hitting .352 with 4 SB

THis weekend they head to Atlanta, so I'm not optimistic about a rapid change of fortune.

The new stadium remains on schedule (actually slightly ahead of schedule).

04-21-00, 07:01 AM
Just curious about Jason Schmidt. What's wrong with him. I logged onto my fantasy team this morning and found he was on the DL. I admit to not paying a lot of attention to what my pitchers have been doing, but was surprised to see that he was hurt. Any idea what it is and how long he's out for?

04-21-00, 07:52 AM
Inflammation in his right shoulder. It doesn't sound terribly serious. They DL'd him yesterday (4/20) but retro'd the move to 4/15, so they obviously want him to be able to come back as quickly as possible.

They sent down a couple of other pitchers, and pulled a couple others up (including former Brave Brad Clontz).

04-21-00, 05:29 PM
Thanks for the info about Schmidt. I tell ya, this fantasy stuff keeps you hopping.

04-24-00, 06:45 AM
Bucs got swept by the Braves this weekend, falling to 6-12. It's a shame. I figured these guys would have a decent season this year (85 wins or so) but they're the kind of team that needs to get off to a fast start. The fans will stop showing up if they fall out of the race. It's tough to win when you don't have anybody in the stands.

This is not a team that's going to be able to make up a big deficit in mid-season. If they're not at .500 by May 20th, they're toast. And they REALLY need to have a nice year to get ready for that beautiful new ballpark.