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04-20-00, 10:28 AM
that's all I gotta say... oh and



that's right, f' griff, mac and sosa, and my personal alltime non yank fav bonds, Vladimir is the best player in baseball... the kid reminds me of my alltime fav, Gehrig...

watch this kid, he'll break alotta records before he's through...

oh, and we gotta great 2b, this kid vidro is tearin up the league... i don't have his numbers right now but he's battin like .400...

not to mention our rotation is taking shape behind one of the more promising starters, hermanson and yes bubu... he stunk up the joint in his debut but in the last wo, only allowed like 3 runs combined...

and don't forget we got the best closer north or south of Mr. Automatic Rivera...

we got a great manager in alou, a nice young maturing lineup and most important, we're whead of those lowly MUTTS...

oh yeah baby, I'm lovin it...

ok, goota run... took the day off to go kayakking down the potomac.. enjoy work all...


04-20-00, 01:51 PM
lowly mutts? i'm insulted! okay, so they're not great, i'll give you that, but lowly? lowly or not i'm responsible for them. anway - i don't care who's in first in the nl east as long as it isn't the braves. and last i checked, it wasn't the expos either :).

04-20-00, 06:11 PM
;) touche'

04-20-00, 07:05 PM
8-6 baby... tied for first w/ the chopheads...

vlad's got a league leading .460ba, .860 slg% and a .534 obp (1.394 ops)...

vidro's got the highest slg% for a 2b in the game at .673, the highest ba at .400 and a .450 obp.

and the rotation is gelling on schedule... pavano, vazqyez, bubu and hermanson have all pitched well.

the only problem is they keep booting the ball. they're young. once we cut down on all these unearned rns, we'll be fine.

watchout chopheads...

04-21-00, 08:31 AM
this mornings standings put the "lowly" mets ahead of your expos. still, as long as you guys are giving the braves a run for their money i'm happy.

04-21-00, 08:36 AM
No YG24, its MUTTS, not Mets! Get it straight! Geez I need to do a report on the Cards! I am just so outta it! Besides, no one likes the Cards anyway! :(

04-22-00, 07:32 AM
Vlad is simply amazing, ain't he??

The Expos' AA Eastern League affiliate plays practically in my back yard. I attend quite a few Harrisburg Senators games every year. The kid tore the league up when he was here.
Man, if the Expos could ever keep their players, they would have one hell of a lineup!

26 in '00