View Full Version : Saturday Night Fights

04-13-01, 07:02 AM
In case anyone cares, HBO is showing a delayed broadcast of the Pay-Per-View Prince Hamed/Barrera fight this Saturday. I'm thankful, because I refused to spend 1 cent to watch Hamed prance around the arena like he's god for 1 second. (Even if I already know the outcome, oh well)
Afterwards, they're going live to NY for the Middleweight fight of Hopkins vs. Holmes, which should be a pretty tough match. Both of them are good fighters, but I'm betting Hopkins squeaks by on points, if a KO doesn't happen (and it's not too likely with these two)...
I'd be anxious to see Hopkins take on Trinidad then...who seems pre-destined to get the title this year.
:) Happy fighting! :)

04-13-01, 07:57 AM
If I had to pay for it I wouldn't either.

(Yes,I STEAL cable.)

There aren't any Cablevision employees on here,are there?

If there are,i'm just kidding.