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04-10-01, 05:13 PM
Some might remember me from the Yankees forum. Britt has been imploring me to come over here and check out this place, and I am sorry that I am just getting around to it...

Hey Britt! I'm here!

I see alot of familiar names, good to see everyone. Hopefully now that the season is in full swing we can have some fun around here.

04-10-01, 05:19 PM
It's about time.

Welcome to the best place to talk Yankee baseball on the Whole World Wide Web

04-10-01, 05:38 PM
hey SDG -- I remember you!! I was wondering where you disappeared to....hope you are doing well!! :)

I'm new here too, but I'm enjoying it a lot now that the baseball season is underway...Chris is right -- it's the best place to talk Yankee baseball!! Enjoy! :)

Jim F.
04-10-01, 06:08 PM
Welcome aboard!!

Any friend of Britt's is more than welcome here. :).


04-10-01, 08:42 PM
welcome SDG!!

04-10-01, 09:51 PM
Welcome aboard SDG. :)

04-10-01, 10:43 PM
Welcome aboard SDG! :)

04-11-01, 09:07 AM
Hola SDG (Jim, can I use some spanish here? Dom did not allow it. LOL).

Nice to see you again. Hope to talk to you soon.

Enjoy the forum!!!


04-11-01, 09:15 AM

04-11-01, 02:28 PM
Thanks to all who have welcomed me. Britt says this is a great place and hopefully when she gets back from KC she will see that I have arrived! :)

chriscary - is it really you!?!? An actual chriscary sighting!

b-ball-lunachick - good to see you too.

claybelle - Deeber, I almost didn't know it was you until I looked at your signature, I am glad to see you around.

and last but not least,

JS - I am so glad to see you. I have been meaning to write you and thank you for your email. You took so much time with it, I wanted you to know that I related to alot of what you said and it really did help me out alot to sort out my thoughts. Hope you and yours are well.

Take care everyone and thanks again. :)

04-11-01, 02:52 PM
SDG, another familiar name. welcome to bb.com. enjoy!

04-11-01, 04:07 PM
Welcome aboard, SDG! Happy posting. :)


04-12-01, 12:09 AM
Hey, you finally made it! Great to see you. I know you'll like this place... catch you around!

(YF "she's here! :) " 36)

04-12-01, 09:55 AM

04-12-01, 10:32 AM
Welcome to the Machine

04-12-01, 12:40 PM
Hi SDG! Welcome aboard - you will really enjoy it here!

Keep smiling and have fun...:)

04-12-01, 12:52 PM
Originally posted by chriscary
It's about time.

Welcome to the best place to talk Yankee baseball on the Whole World Wide Web

how very true chriscary how very true.

welcome to Yankee land I hope you enjoy it here.