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Howard Spira
09-14-04, 09:05 AM
Heading into last night, the Red Sox had played 11 more games (67-56) than the Yankees against teams with records of .500 or better, and 12 fewer games (75-87) against teams with records below .500. When the Yanks played the Royals last night, that gap widened to 13 games.

It won't completely close before the end of the season, either. The Yankees are the only above-.500 opponent the Red Sox will face during the rest of the regular season, but the Yanks only have two: the Red Sox and Twins (whom they play three times at Yankee Stadium during the final week). When everything's in the books, the Yankees will have played 97 of their 162 games (59.9 percent) against teams with losing records. The Red Sox? 89 of 162 (54.9 percent).

And the main reason the Yankees entered last night with a three-game edge over Boston in the loss column was their ability to consistently beat the teams beneath them. As the accompanying chart shows, the Yanks, prior to last night, were over .700 this season against teams with losing records.

The Red Sox haven't been as successful at beating the bottom-feeders. They've been good -- 47-28 (.627) -- but not at the Yankees' level.

The Sox, however, have been better against winning teams. As the chart shows, the Yanks are just barely above .500 against teams with winning records, while the Sox are 39-28.

from the Providence journal

Howard Spira
09-14-04, 09:06 AM

Howard Spira
09-14-04, 09:11 AM
to be fair I must credit who found this info, it comes from another site, posted by someone who post here, I am just forwarding the info on

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NDBoston beat you by, literally, 10 minutes this morning by posting the link and part of the article in the "Pythagorean Standings" thread FYI. there's already a few posts about it too......come join :)

Howard Spira
09-14-04, 09:59 AM
guess where I got it from ;)

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