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08-20-04, 08:56 AM
For those who are satisfied with Clark in the lineup (and encourage the trading of Giambi, with Clark's "glove and steady bat" getting the PT instead), take a look at the last sentence from this blurb from UTK this morning:

"The Yankees will have to wait a bit longer for Jason Giambi to return. During his rehab from his tumor/parasite episode, Giambi has strained his groin. It should only set him back a matter of days. According to multiple reports, Giambi is making progress in leaps. "It's like Garret Anderson," said one team source. "Way quicker than we would have expected." Despite the Bronx's eager acceptance of Tony Clark, it's important to note that even a return to his 10% PECOTA projection would give Giambi the edge over Clark's actual season numbers."


Irony Of It All
08-20-04, 09:34 PM
Unfortunately those who would rather Clark receive the bulk of playing time at 1B are unlikely to either care or even know about PECOTA.

08-20-04, 09:43 PM
They don't have to even be coginzant of PECOTA. They merely need to look at his stats form last season when he played with one leg and one eye.

Instead, they myopically zero in on his AVG.

Irony Of It All
08-20-04, 09:51 PM
Originally posted by Rich

Instead, they myopically zero in on his AVG.

Think they'll give Jeter the same treatment if his AVG is around .260 or even .270? :rolleyes: