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03-30-01, 09:11 PM
Hi everyone! Well, I've finally registered here and just wanted to say hi to the rest of the Tampa gang :) Guys, I had a great time and next year I'm actually thinking about spending an entire week with you crazy people :) A weekend was just not long enough!

Jim, just so you know, I am "the married lady you met in Tampa" :) And thanks for the invite.

I'm really looking forward to spending time here, especially now that the season is upon us! I "know" alot of you already and I'm hoping to get to know alot more of the forumers here.

Kim :)
(aka pauliesgirl21)

Jim F.
03-30-01, 09:22 PM
Originally posted by Kim*21
Jim, just so you know, I am "the married lady you met in Tampa" :)

I knew that would come back to haunt me... ;) That was a fun night...

I'm so glad you decided to join us!! Welcome, welcome, welcome!! :):)


03-30-01, 10:15 PM
Kimmi!!! Welcome aboard! Seems Jim was on a recruitment trip as much as a pleasure trip. ;) There are plenty of threads in Just Conversation to relive some of the memories of Tampa. You must sign up for the week long stay next year so we can spend more time together. Glad you're here!! :)

Yankee Mike
03-31-01, 09:38 AM
Hey Kim! Nice to see you around BB.com. How is Dave? Still working on plans for the "other" Yankees.com we were talking about at dinner? :lol:

I would like to be back in Florida... it's snowing again up here. Not sticking, but still... it's snowing again!!

03-31-01, 05:56 PM
Hi Kimmi!!! :) How are you and Dave? I do hope you will make the next spring training trip for longer than the weekend! After all, you didn't even get to ride in the Love Bus (our lovely 15 passenger van)! ;)

Welcome aboard and keep smiling...:)

03-31-01, 06:30 PM
Thanks you guys! I've been looking around and I really like this place.

Jim - you knew I would remember that quote :lol:

D - I love the name!

Hey Mike - more snow?? Well, we had rain here almost all day, but it's been real warm. And thanks for reminding me about the "other" forum we want ;)...Jim, get working on that, will ya?

Ally - gettin on that Love Bus next year for sure :ga-ga:

Kim :)

04-04-01, 08:33 AM
Hello Kim.


I give up, sorry

04-04-01, 08:36 AM
Kim, Kim
How've you been?

Tampa's the City that you live in?

I love that place, a great time I had
But didn't meet you and for that I'm mad.

04-04-01, 09:11 AM
Welcome Kim

04-04-01, 09:21 AM
Welcome Kim! Happy posting!

Mon :)

04-04-01, 09:24 AM
Howdy, and welcome!

04-04-01, 10:54 AM

Hows your new job going?!

Hey isnt our crowd just great! Betcha you had the best time with them in Tampa! Im jealous LOL! Cant wait to meet them on July 2lst!!

Hope to see alot more of you here!

You know me as YankeeJean over on the Ezboards!
And Im JeanC here !

Now dont be a stranger hope to see more of you here too!


04-04-01, 07:05 PM
Thanks everyone!

chriscary - :lol: Good job, thanks! You should join us next year :) I recognize your name from y.com and from Russ' board, I post under pauliesgirl21 at Russ' place. (haven't been to y.com in a long, long time)

JEANNE!! How are you? I finally made it over here and I'm having fun. The new job is going good so far, thanks for asking :)

Monica, Winger and ZYANK - thanks so much for the welcome.

Kim :)

04-04-01, 09:30 PM
Hey Kim - How are ya??

Next year a whole week?? - Too much fun!! Still bringin' the boys?? I'll tell JP to get that "clan" of babysitters ready!!!LOL

Still waitin' for that new work #...........

Talk to you soon