View Full Version : Miguel Cairo has a higher OPS than Soriano

07-06-04, 08:18 AM
As of right now, Cairo has a sterling OPS of .827 where Soriano has an OPS of .795

Normally, this would mean that Cairo has been more productive than Soriano this year. Granted, Cairo has a smaller sample size, but still...

<i>If</i> Cairo were to keep up this pace , could one make the argument that we are better off with him than Sori?

Also, an OPS question in general...I am new to SABR theory, but I have operated under the assumption that an OPS over .800 is good, over .900 is superstar level, and 1.000 is just plain ridiculous. I have also read that OPS standards may vary depending on what position a player plays. For example, a catcher would be held to different OPS standards than say, a right fielder. Anyone care to spit some knowledge here? Thanks.

07-06-04, 10:18 AM
This article explains the limits of OPS:


07-06-04, 12:59 PM
You can also make an argument that we are much better with Cairo defensively as well. Cairo has played in 48 games and has 4 errors and a fielding percentage of .981. While Soriano has played in 79 games, has a MLB leading 14 errors nearly doubling the second highest player (Adam Kennedy- 8) in the AL, and has the worst fielding percentage in the AL and 2nd worst in MLB for those who qualify at .967....

07-06-04, 02:30 PM
Soriano is not very patient at the plate, this was known when he was on the Yankees. Compare the two on K's and BB's (taking into consideration the AB's) and you get the drift. You also notice that they are slugging exactly the same even though Soriano is on pace to be in the 30's for HR's again.