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03-26-01, 07:09 AM
Did anybody see Gatti get the snot beat out of him by De La Hoya on Saturday? It was utterly disgusting and a good waste of 10 minutes.
I had been anticipating this fight for weeks, just hoping that Gatti (who's normally a pretty feisty boxer) could keep De La Hoya down, where he belongs. But...well, didn't happen. The one thing that really annoys me about boxing these days is that the trainers are so quick to call the fights...I understand that they don't want their boys hurt too badly, but just because someone's sprung a leak under their right eye, it's no reason to say he's had enough, is it?
At least the second fight (heavyweight) was a bit more entertaining, Klitschko easily pummeled Jefferson, and made me think of Morrison...could Klitschko be the next Great White Hope? He's anxious to find out and wants to take on Lewis as soon as possible.
I'll quit rambling now, just needed to vent. :)

03-26-01, 07:23 AM
I have not got into boxing for a while now, JAKE LAMOTTA is my boxing hero, but to get back to the subject there is nobody out there, it's a joke.

03-26-01, 07:51 AM
MAFIA, exactly. There's too much hype and not enough fighting. But I have a genuine love for the sport that made my heart stop as a child (yeah, let your kids watch boxing, it's educational and keeps them out of trouble) and no matter how lame it all gets, I don't think I'll ever be able to turn my back on it.
I'd just like to see some real fights again, there's too many pansies like De La Hoya and Prince Hamed out there who do nothing but trash talk and demand obscene amounts of money for only going 3 rounds or less, on account of a TKO.
And part of me still thinks most fights are fixed, because one sucker punch to the jaw is usually not enough to send somebody to the floor. Go figure.
I'll wait patiently for fresh blood, somebody's gotta come along and shake things up sooner or later.

03-26-01, 07:52 AM
Originally posted by Jen!!!
The one thing that really annoys me about boxing these days is that the trainers are so quick to call the fights...I understand that they don't want their boys hurt too badly, but just because someone's sprung a leak under their right eye, it's no reason to say he's had enough, is it?

i like the way you think...

i agree that they tossed the towel kinda quick, but relly it was just a matter of time... i don't like oscar, even though i won a couple hundred on him, but the truth is, he's one of the best boxers in the game..he's got the tools anyways. his heart is what i question.... any guy so concerned about his face clearly is in the wrong profession... in the last two losses, he quit after feeling the power of comparable fighters, trinidad and mosely...

now there's two fighters trinidad and mosely... hey maf, i'm an old shool fan too, check out either of these two, they are definitely throwbacks to the days of hagler, sugar ray, hearns, pryor, arguelo... as a matter of fact, trinidad reminds me alot of arguelo... a silent assasin... perfect technician in the ring... even though trinidad's my favorite, mosely is perhaps the best pound for pound guy out right now... he's got power speed, and heart...

some other premier sluggers are mayweather vargas, then maybe the kid from brooklyn zab judah....

don't give up on boxing just cause the heavyweights stink...

i'm glad oscar won.. now lets see him climb back into the ring w/ mosely or trinidad... that'll be the fight of the year...

03-26-01, 08:03 AM
Ansky39, yeah, I want him back in the ring with Trinidad...definitely. And Mosley's all right, I caught his fight a few weeks ago, but I don't think he compares to Trinidad in the least. De La Hoya would be a fool to think he could take either one of them on again and win, I just don't like him. He's an all right boxer, and he fought a lot better on Saturday than I have ever seen him in the past (he finally figured out how to use his right hand), but he's so not likeable to me. And Gatti could've taken him, but he didn't seem like he was into it at all.
I agree about Vargas and Judah...definitely ones to watch. :)
I'm just anticipating a match between De La Hoya and Trinidad, I know where my money's gonna be.

03-26-01, 08:46 AM
I knew Oscar was gonna kill Gatti.Gatti is a fighter with a ton of heart and not much else.

If DeLaHoya gets another shot at Trinidad,I think he beats him.He had the first fight won and then inexplicably started to run away from him.Oscar thinks too much sometimes when he should just fight.

03-26-01, 09:41 AM
ANSKY, I loved MARVIN HAGLER! HAGLER fought anybody anytime he was a force , the SUGAR RAY fight still bothers me, SUGAR RAY hid from him for year's until HAGLER nearly retired, if SUGAR would of fought him 4 or 5 years before that fight, HAGLER would of destroyed him, not to take anything away from LEONARD he could carry his own, he was a smart fighter who knew how to use his brain's in the ring. HEARNS I liked him also, there is a guy who fought everyone and was a tough bastard, the last HAGLER-HEARNS fight was a good one, the first 3 rounds was anything goes, I still think HEARNS should of won the last fight between him and LEONARD, DURAN is another one, I have seen TRINIDAD, he is tough, I AM impressed w/him, but I still cannot get into it like I used to, another thing that bothers me also is that I remember when fighters would finish a bout then get ready for the next one a month later, now they all need 6 month's to get ready, and DON KING this guy really bothers me, he has made the sport a farce on his terms, he is a disgusting figure who I really dislike.

03-27-01, 09:20 PM
Oh boy, lets talk boxing! I been a huge fan of the sport for as long as I been alive. My grandfather boxed when he was younger, they called him "Tony Mac" and he taught me a little thing or two when i was growing up.
i heard that De la hoya beat the crap outa him. I didn't see the fight because i'm at school right now and the only channel i get for boxing is showtime and of course espn2. It supprised me that the corner of Gatti tossed in the "towel" because Gatti is a real warrior in the ring. I heard he was taken to the hospital after the fight, but he ok i guess.
Did anyone see that crap of a fight they had on Showtime. Clifforfd Etienne "The Black Rhino" lost to Fres Quendo(?). Etienne the WBC #4 ranked heavy weight got knocked down 5 times in three rounds. It was the worst fight i seen in a long time. The guy kept dipping down to avoid being hit, then would get hit in the back of the head by grazing punches...every 25 seconds.

03-28-01, 06:14 AM
Gatti was FINE...he looked like hell, but he was still coherent when they spoke with him after the fight. It just sucked that they called it so early.
I wish I could've seen that fight you mentioned but I can't get Showtime here. It's funny that some of these guys get in the ring and immediately go into "defense mode" forgetting that they're there to punch the other guy. How else are you going to win? (Oh please, Mommy, don't hurt me!)
Oh well, at least HBO has a great line-up for April.

03-28-01, 11:12 AM
You really didn't miss much. While it was kinda funny to watch a 300 pounder look so wimpy, Etienne would get knocked on his face, then get up and have this big smile on his face like it didn't hurt...every time he went down...5 times in three rounds.
Tua was also on that card. Tua looked good, lost alot of fat but still weighed the same as he did for the Lewis fight. Tua just looked like he was actually training, looked more "cut". Tua started the fight of slowly but then knocked the guy out in the 5th round(i think).

03-28-01, 05:11 PM
accordin' to wallace matthews, gatti was out partying later that night... and de la pretty boya had to fix his doo in a mirror BEFORE answerring questions...

anyways, gatti's tough, but he's no welterweight... that's the only reason he got the fight from golden boy... that and the fact that he's got a knack for cathcing fists w/ his face...