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04-09-00, 10:02 AM
Frank Thomas was one of the most fearful batters I've seen in a long time. But in the 1998 season even though he had 109 RBI's you knew something was wrong. Having hit in the mid 300's for so long his 265 BA was a clear indication of a problem. Then last year with him being hurt, his head all messed up, and only having 15HR's and 77 RBI's, many figured this was the decline of a great slugger.
But after seeing his quotes and interviews, it sounds like Mr. Thomas is on a mission.
If he can bounce back to the Frank Thomas of old, with this great young talent the Sox have, this team will surprise alot of people.
Here's an article from Sports Illistrated's site.

Hurtful words:

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- Chicago White Sox first baseman Frank Thomas is trying to clear up some misconceptions with both his manager and his teammates.

Thomas met with manager Jerry Manuel for two hours during Saturday's workout and insisted that he's not a selfish player. He also told his manager he was not healthy enough to play late last season.

During a Sept. 6 double-header at Texas, Thomas pinch hit in the first game despite being hobbled with a bad right ankle and sore little toe on his right foot.

In the second game, Thomas refused another pinch-hitting assignment, which led to a verbal confrontation with Manuel. He flew back to Chicago the next day. On Sept. 13, Thomas had season-ending surgery to repair the ankle and toe.

During Saturday's meeting with Manuel, which was heated at times, Thomas tried clearing the air about his injuries.

"People say I had a corn removed from my foot, but it was reconstructive surgery on the little toe," Thomas said. "It was a big deal and it's still very painful. I'm still not 100 percent."

The Hurting
Frank Thomas -- career splits
1990-97 1998-99
Games 1,076 295
Average .330 .283
AB per HR 14.9 24.3
On Base Pct. .452 .396
Slugging Pct. .600 .476

Thomas is coming off a disappointing season. He did bat .305, up 40 points from 1998, but his 15 home runs and 77 RBI were both career lows. Thomas said his power numbers dropped because he was unable to push off on his right foot.

After his lengthy talk with Manuel, Thomas then called a team meeting and once again tried to clear the air about his health.

With almost 10 seasons of service time, Thomas is easily the senior-ranking member of the White Sox. Last year, he felt many of his younger teammates were afraid to approach him, so he tried to tear down any perceived walls.

"My main concern was my teammates," Thomas said. "They need to know the perception of me is not always right. I'm part of this team. I will help these guys if they need me. I'm not bigger than the team."

Thomas said he's happy he got things out in the open with both his manager and teammates.

"It was a very good thing," he said. "And I'm glad it happened now, early in spring training. It would have been a big distraction if it happened during the season."

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04-09-00, 06:57 PM
He's off to a great start. He seems focused on getting back to the level of play he was at before the injury. So far he's 13 for 24 with a .958 SLG in six games.


04-17-00, 08:13 AM
Thomas is a shoe in for the Comeback Player of the Year award.


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04-17-00, 08:20 AM
oh yeah baby, the big hurt RULES!!!!

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