View Full Version : Why They Do It (A SABR Member Tells Us Why)

04-13-04, 09:13 AM
Critics of performance analysis often ask what SABR members are actually trying to do with all of their stats. A SABR member tells us in this Baseball Prospectus article:


The Pittsburg Pirates section contains the info, including this quote:

" When you really get down to it--when you're able to get past the numbers, the misconceptions, and the contrarian attitude that's sometimes included in our writing--what "we" as performance analysts are really trying to do is institute a system of accountability within the front offices of Major League Baseball. Thatís it. Sabermetrics isnít about inciting the proletariat to rise up and change the way baseball is covered; itís not about drafting college pitchers, OBP, or Billy Beane; hell, itís not even about pitch counts--though all those ideas are at least somewhat related to the cause. Analyzing performance through statistics--adjusted statistics that strip away the illusions and tell you whatís really going on--is just a way to make the decision-makers in MLB more accountable for their actions. Because the minute accountability is introduced into any business, productivity, and the quality of the product in question, improves significantly. "

04-13-04, 11:23 AM
Here is another great article on why sabermetrics is a valuable tool, written by the author of the Pinstriped Bible on the YES website, Steven Goldman: