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JPW 2.46.51
03-16-01, 07:40 AM
Actually, I registered a couple days after y.com went bust but I've been so busy, that this is my first visit since then. I'm heading to Florida tomorrow, I've got tickets to Tuesday's game at Legends Field. So excited!!! Anyway, been a baseball lover since before I was born thanks to Dad and my brothers. Been a Yankee fan since I was 10 (1975). Looking forward to a great year of baseball, our beloved Yankees and some interesting chat at b-b.com.

03-16-01, 11:23 AM

03-16-01, 05:19 PM
Welcome to the good ship lollipop. :)

03-16-01, 05:35 PM
Hello JPW :)

04-07-01, 05:11 AM
Welcome to BB JPW!!!
Hope you had a great time at legends field!!

Enjoy Our Fun Place & Post on!!!

04-07-01, 09:50 AM
Welcome aboard JPW! :)

04-09-01, 06:39 AM
Hi JPW, hope you enjoy it here as much as we do! Welcome and let's play ball! :)