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04-04-00, 09:08 AM
...who stepped in right where he left off making a diving snag of a one hop shot in the seventh, w/ bases loaded and then smacking the game winning dinger in the bottom of the same inning...

Note, despite the triumphant return of one of their favorite and most valuable players and despite the fact that this was opening day, as usual, there were over 8,000 empty seats watching the game... and I ainít referring to the rocker fans neither who were out in full force and cheered their idol even though he was barred from playing...

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04-04-00, 09:35 AM
It was really great to see Andres back at it. I just hate seeing him doing it in a Bravos uniform. Rocker could take a page out of this guy's playbook of life and apply it to his.

Way to go Big Cat!

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04-04-00, 10:17 AM
...I totally agree... Andres was looking good. Welcome back to him...

I can't believe the ovation Rocker got from the Atlanta fans... to greet him like a hero is really sad.

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04-04-00, 05:45 PM
"We have one player who everyone hates and one who everyone loves" about Andres in SI. (the guy who everyone hates -- CROCKER!)

That was cool!

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04-04-00, 11:54 PM
I was pretty disgusted by that ovation for Rocker too. What a wonderful message to send to our children. And I agree, it was great to see Andres back. May he have many, many more years of good health.

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04-09-00, 08:28 AM
It's good to see Galarraga doing so well, in five games he has 3-HR's including a grand slam, 9-RBI, .824 SLG, with a .294 AVG!