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04-04-00, 08:30 AM
Ex Yankees sit. lhp Graeme Llyoyd's wife passed prematurely, at the young age of 26 from complictions due her 14 year battle w/ Crohn's disease.

I wish to send my personal condolences to Graeme, a fine player and person, for this tragic loss, on opening night.

It's times like this that put this "game" we love into it's proper perspective... It is, after all, just a game...

Keep ya head up Graeme, and God Bless.

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04-04-00, 08:59 AM
WOW, that's sad, to lose your best friend and wife like that, it's tough, and I hope he can deal w/this in his own personal way, it's gonna take a long time to heal, it's not an easy thing to go through, good luck MR.LLOYD.


04-04-00, 10:46 AM
i heard about this, and i send my sympathies to graeme lloyd.

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04-04-00, 01:49 PM
Does he have children? I hope his organization takes good care of him right now. What heartache he must have right now. My condolences.

82 years......

My GOD ! That's 4 times longer than Odyseus' journey home from Troy !!

A story too long for Homer to tell.

04-04-00, 05:56 PM
Ditto on what's been said. Graeme was one of the guys I hated losing from the Yanks. I pray that he finds comfort in his friends and family and that he is able to cope with this terrible tragedy.

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04-04-00, 11:50 PM
Please accept my deepest regrets Mr. Graham Lloyd.

Best GoYanks!

04-04-00, 11:52 PM
My sincerest condolences as well. I can't imagine what life would be like without my hubby. What a horrible tragedy.

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04-05-00, 01:04 PM
Wednesday 5 April 2000
Expos pitcher Lloyd's wife buried in Florida
The Gazette
Cindy Lloyd was buried yesterday in Florida, just 24 hours after losing a 14-year battle with Crohn's disease.
General manager Jim Beattie and opening-night starter Dustin Hermanson flew down to the Tampa area for the services, the arrangements for which were completed quickly. Both were expected back last night.
Few details were available yesterday from the Expos, with the Lloyd family asking for privacy.
Reliever Anthony Telford, who is the team's player representative, said no one in training camp, with the exception of fellow Australian Shayne Bennett, knew what the Lloyds were dealing with.
Telford, Chris Widger and Rondell White received phone calls early Monday morning advising them of the tragic news.
Telford said the entire team wanted to attend the funeral. "We had a big discussion about it Monday night - (Rondell) White, (Ugueth) Urbina and (Steve) Kline in particular," he said. "All we can do is pray for him and wish for him to come back from it."
Telford said he would have attended, had he pitched two innings Monday night and been removed from the availability list in the bullpen last night.
But the show had to go on, and with only 25 players on the roster, there
wasn't any question of the Expos sending a delegation.
The club will make a contribution in the memory of Cindy Lloyd to the Crohn's and Colitis Society of Canada.
Catcher Chris Widger, whose 35-year-old sister Toni has been dealing with Crohn's disease for 20 years, also spoke of doing something similar.
There's no word yet on when Lloyd might rejoin the team. For the newly arrived reliever, the Expos are a team of virtual strangers he barely had time to get to know in spring training.
Telford said he hoped Lloyd would return after the team's first road trip to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, when the shoulder tendonitis that put Lloyd on the disabled list and, as it turned out, kept him in Florida with his wife for her final days, will hopefully have been eased.

--Courtesy Montreal Gazette

a39/55, bthgaPrez, shotgun's partner in crime & orangema's favorite son...

26 in 2000

God, I LOVE baseball...