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03-28-00, 06:56 AM
TODAY in CNN'S sports website, it's now reported that THE INDIANS have some interest in MR. ROCKER, how do you feel about that? IT'S SCARY, because CLEVELAND need's a top notch closer big time, check it out.


03-28-00, 07:16 AM
ditto maf, that IS scary...

But w/ smoltz down and lightenberg coming off injury, don't the chopheads want pitching in return... we all know the injuns don't have any to offer... unless they convert jawetmypants Wright into a closer...

I dunno... hope it's just some dumb rumor...


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Bluesexy's daddy
03-28-00, 01:27 PM
Clevland has good reason to make a trade.

it sounds like they offered Jaret Wrong and Paul Shuey for Rocker. I don't think Atlanta will be that dumb.

Clevland has plenty that they could give up to get rocker's strong left arm and weak mind. As much as I dislike the fool i must admit that if Rocker can get his small head pointed in the right direction he could be a great closer. His arm is trememndous.

I would not be surprised to see this one happen.

82 years......

My GOD ! That's 4 times longer than Odyseus' journey home from Troy !!

A story too long for Homer to tell.

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