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03-09-01, 10:12 PM
Recently, two promising prospects, Jeff Dewaters and Danny Bliss, both only of 14 years old, have shown amazing skill at the Frozen Ropes baseball clinic in White Plains. The two skilled athletes were able to hit 100 mph fastballs with amazing consistency, considering their ages. Two get more information on these two fine athletes check www.liberatetheyouth.homestead.com/home.html. Please let scouts know about these two great athletes, who have also shown great 5-tool characteristics, and have all-around amazing abilities.

03-09-01, 10:16 PM
Well, hes talking bout me and hes right. not 3 hours ago we were BLASTING away at 100 mph pitches that we had no idea we could even hit. we had a small crowd of about 15 people watching us just hit pitch after pitch; each a liner right up the middle.

it was great, and watch for us as prospects in a few years

03-09-01, 10:40 PM
I'm sure we'd all like to be very happy for both of you. Had you posted this in Just Conversation, you probably would have gotten a lot of nice comments. Take your time. Read the guidelines. Be nice.


Jim F.
03-10-01, 01:19 AM
And this has to do with the new forum software how?


03-10-01, 04:18 PM
It has to do with software, because when we went to frozen ropes, we were using a pitching machine called the pro batter. it is a computer that puts an image of a pitcher pitching up on to the screen so it seems like you are actually being pitched to.

Jim F.
03-10-01, 04:22 PM
That software sounds neat and all, but what does it have to do with the new forum software that we're using on this site?


03-10-01, 10:41 PM
oops, i thought it mean software in general i guess we didnt read it carefully sorry

03-11-01, 01:49 AM
No biggie, turtleman. :)
I know that I for one have trouble turning on a 60mph ball when I go to the cages. I think I would have trouble jumping in front of a 100mph one!
A word of advice from an "old dude": (this sounds corny but) don't let go of the dream. It's much better to try and fail than to have never tried at all. Don't get to thirty and say "I should have...".
I'll be looking for you two at spring training 2007.