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03-25-00, 06:50 PM
Does the Mets have the team this year to beat the Braves or anybody else who is in first place, if the Mets aren't....

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Bluesexy's daddy
03-26-00, 08:37 PM
If they had Joe Torre or Dusty Baker as a manager they might.......

With Bobby Valentine and his traveling circus coaching staff I don't see how they can avoid another choke.

Atlanta is happy to have Valentine managing the Mets. Watch Valentine this year. Some minor conflict will occur and he will do the exact opposite of what the YANKEES management staff does. Valentine will turn it into a crisis of huge proportions. Unless Valentine exhibits a whole new personality this year look for a year of turmoil in the mets club house.

I would love to see the mets take the N L this year and give the YANKEES the pleasure of winning all four world series games right in NYC but I will be surprised if Valentine doesn't drive the mets bus right off the road.

Go mets.....PLEASE GO !!!! a subway series would be wonderfull.

82 years......

My GOD ! That's 4 times longer than Odyseus' journey home from Troy !!

A story too long for Homer to tell.