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02-16-00, 09:56 PM
I have a friend who is a Mariners fan, hey he lives in Seattle so he HAS to be! Well, we chat late at nite, and last night he IMed me to rub in my face about Mo not being signed yet, and I just had to bring up Griffs move to Cinni! This poor delusional boy still has faith that the Mariners can win, even with Griff gone.

He pointed out that Seattle builded up their bullpen, and that Arod is still there! I kinda agree with him! I think that Seattle will do just fine with out Griff! I would never tell him this though! He keeps saying that they will beat the Yankees in ALCS and Sweep the REDS in the World Series! Poor boy.. so delusional!

Does anyone else think that the Mariners will win without Griff? I really need some ammo to use on this guy! He is real cocky, and I know you all here are the most intelligent baseball fans on the net! Oh, BTW, his name is Jimbo!! http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

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02-16-00, 10:00 PM
Seattle couldn't win with Griffey...


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02-16-00, 10:04 PM
LMAO!!!! Oh,I have got to remember that comeback!

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02-17-00, 06:13 AM
Their division is weak, so they've got a shot at it. They've got an improved staff, and are still decent at some spots (SS, 1B, DH). They're weak in the OF (Brian Hunter ?) and have little depth.

The Rangers should win the West by default, but you never know. The Gonzales tradde will hurt them short term (in the long run, they'll be better off for it, but some of those guys are going to take some more seasoning).

The Athletics won't be as good as last year, mostly because they played over their heads last year.

I'm not even going to talk about the Angels.

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02-17-00, 06:50 AM
I think they have a good shot at their divison, but to win it all? No way!

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02-17-00, 07:23 AM
Good one Jim... http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

And you're right, this is OUR league, anyone that hopes to be successful must eventually contend w/ the 2 time defending Champs... The M's made enough prudent offseas acq's to be in a good position to be the first team we beat en route to 26 in 2000 though... even though Griff really screwed the isht outta em with that trade me to the reds now cause I ain't comin back crap... that really diminished any chance they had of recouping anything in return.. me personally, I woulda forced his a$$ to stay and tough it out w/ the fans... tell them every game for 81 games you don't want to come back don't tell me... Gillick surely woulda had enough leverage then to at least get griff to publicly consider going anywhere even that rockfield dustbowl of a stadium in flushing, even if just for the year... that would have gotten them something other than avg to mediocre talent in return... but that's history now so what can da drunken m's do now in the post griff era?

They CAN win the west... The addition of Olerud, in my humble opinion, is certainly as significant as the loss of griff... is it a wash? time will tell... Olerud is a stabilizing force in the lineup and splendid defensive 1b... I honestly believe he'll have a better impact on Arod than the selfish media hog, and spoiled brat he used to play with... Olerud will teach Arod that this is first and foremost a TEAM game and for them to be successful they gotta play as one... remember, it was olerud that mitigated piazza's limited defense by constantly keeping runners off balance at first... yet piazzahut got all the headlines for his meaningless sporadic non pressure game dingers... Olerud's a TEAM guy and should be the glue on that team...

In addition the offseas acq's of Rhodes, Sasaki and Sele in addition to the avg tomko will definitely solidify a young and emerging staff.. and as we yanks fans know PITCHING wins not Griff and his personal career hr record pursuit...

I think they WILL compete, but they should really try to send a message to the team and the league that Arod IS their leader for now and EVER!!!! He'll be better than Griff, I believe when it's all said... Pay him keep him, build around him...

The rangers I believe will struggle... I'm in the minority on this one, but I just don't believe in giving up a guaranteed 125rbi producer for a bunch of blus chips... First the give up Raffy when he's younger, then resign him 3 4 years later, then they dump gonzo... that lineup didn;t need anything but a shot of HEART... w/ goodwin, kelley, zeile and gonzo gone, they got a lotta production to replace and I say they'll fall short, at least in year one of the posy gonzo era...

I like the a's... I don't think they overacheived at all last seas... I think they emerged right on schedule.. they gotta lotta young hungry, talent and now they're a year older and more experienced...

da angels will trade mo, or just shoot him to put him outta his misery... poor mo...

Sorry I know a little long winded right http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

I actually could go on if you want to break down the numbers and really see where the chips may fall this seas...

M's will be fine... unless and until they run into the CHAMPS!!!

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02-17-00, 07:37 AM
Thats ok a39, this would not a ansky post if it was short! http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

I agree with you about Olerud! He is surely a fine addition to the Mariners, however, I think it's Arod who will hold this team together! He was injured last year, so he lost out on the 40/40 club again. But I see him really getting it on this year! And Seles addition is a big boost for them! Yeah, I agree with you ansky, they will win the west, but when they meet up with our boys, they will be whipped!

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02-17-00, 08:37 AM
ansky39 - You're never too long winded, as far as I'm concerned..... as I told you at the other site, I get my baseball education from you, no lie!!

Now when I argue baseball with other people, I actually can pull some data out of the air and shock the hell out of them..(and me).

I absolutely agree with your assessment of Olerud's presence in their line up. While he may not be Junior, sometimes NOT being Junior can be a GOOD thing. And Olerud is just a terrific ball player, without the egomaniacal tendencies of you know who.



02-17-00, 08:55 AM
Jim ~ I honestly believe they can. Griffey has been a major distraction in the clubhouse. With him gone I think tensions will ease for the Mariners and they can get back to playing baseball and not having the Griffey controversy swirling around their heads.

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02-22-00, 01:29 AM
Tell your buddy that the Ms will have one of their "best years ever"....in other words they won't be playing in any world series games this year.

I think Yansky is on the mark about Texas and Seatle.

Please give your friend in seattle my email address. I have a lovely bridge over the east river that he would love to purchase. I can get him a good deal on the World Trade Center.

Jim your "pre gripey vs post gripey" is my favorite line for Ms fans.

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02-24-00, 01:17 PM
You all have some pretty good insights into all that's gone on with the Griffey Trade and the anguish it's caused M's fans and the organization. You're fair on the A-Rod question, too.

(BTW, I think the M's will hang on to A-Rod throughout the 2000 season and attempt to be the frontrunner in dealing with him as a free agent after the season is over...his intent is to get to that point, and they might have the BEST shot, not the worst, if they wait, bide their time, until then -- IMO only).

I wouldn't mind if the M's "settle" for a so-so OFer like the Angels' Garret Anderson if he didn't cost much in trade, just to get a LH bat and a speedy OFer (not that the guy ever dives for any balls). Heck, he might even be an option for....the Yanks!

As for who's going to be in the WS this year -- I think the Yanks and the Mariners and everybody else ought to play a good part of the season before any claims can be made.

The Yanks seem to have had the best mindset ("chemistry", if you will) of recent competing teams, but subtle changes are already taking place that may upset the fine balance the Yanks have had these past few years. It's too bad, I didn't like hearing the news about Strawberry any more than any of you did.


03-04-00, 08:36 PM
Alright Yankee fans.. this post is from a
Mariners & Yankees fan. The M's relyed on the long ball, that's how they won more than half of there games. Now that we don't have Griffey, were goin to be awesome..

Jim- to tell you the truth, WE Mariners can win without Mr. big shot. I never liked Griffey, and he was too much to handle.

Now, with Griffey gone.. it's goin to be like 1995, just want to tell you Yankee fans including myself, we have to be careful.
Mariners have a lot of new guys, great pitchers, and were goin to see you in the playoffs!

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03-06-00, 04:02 PM
In theory, the mariners can..
but in short, id say there's a better chance of hell freezn over..

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03-07-00, 08:20 AM
SEATTLE is alot more scarier than last year, a decent starting staff mostly improved, olerud, signing martinez was a big plus, this team is kind of like 95 but w/out ken who was injured most of that year. THEY could win there division, but I gotta say that oakland is young and good, it should be tight but I must say SEATTLE will take that division, sweet lou has some weapons and a decent bench.


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