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03-02-00, 07:47 PM
Well, Rocker's suspension has been reduced from a month's suspension and a fine of 20,000 dollers to 14 days suspended and only 500 bucks fine. I myself think this is an outrage. What are your opinions about Rocking Chair?

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03-02-00, 08:37 PM
My opinion is obviously an unpopular one but I think that MLB should have denounced his statements and let it go at that.

I agree that john rocker is a careless idiot. I would love to tell him in person how I feel about how he hurt all sorts of young children with his big mouth and his small mind. Regardless of my dislike for him I support his right to free speech. Censorship is destructive to freedom.

Just as rocker has a right to free speech, consumers have a right to boycot rocker and the Braves. If the Braves choose to dump him as a business decision that would not be censorship, it would be a simple matter of rocker facing the consequences of making himself unpopular. If any of us make ourselves unpopular in our professions most of us would suffer for it.

The commisioners office unwittingly made this all easier for the Braves organization. Now they can say "he was punished....and now we are signing a new contract and moving forward". They likely would have done so any way without the commisioners actions but now they do so at less political cost. PLEASE NOTICE how politicians in Atlanta are throwing stones at MLB now NOT at the Braves. How convenient. They are worse than rocker is. What a bunch of cowards. If they are so distraught about rocker why don't they take the Braves to task??? Simple, they don't want to loose the votes of Braves fans. So now we see (and have always known) that votes are more important than "truth" or "social justice" to most politicians and self anointed community leaders.

So....rocker has a new contract. The Braves keep his great arm and the fans will keep paying to see him and his team.

To me the Braves owner is a bum. ted turner has always supported fidel castro (CNN bennefits from the access that they have to Cuba). Whats a little human rights issue for the 19,000,000 people of Cuba compared to profit? If turner can be friends with fidel what about john rocker could possibly offend him? A man that sleeps with satan won't loose any sleep over the likes of roker.

The best ending to this story would be for El Duque to humiliate the Braves in the post season (again.....and again......and again) and for the YANKEE line up to clober rocker.
The highlight of the world series for me was when El Duque(the cuban political refugee) beat the braves (owned by Castro's buddy turner). For me it was one of the greatest moments in baseball history. For millions of oppresed people in Cuba it was a huge moment. Good does not always triumph, but it did THAT night.I LOVED IT!!!!! It would be even sweeter this year!!!!

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03-02-00, 08:49 PM
i have mixed feelings on rockers suspension and fine being reduced. i thought a fine of $20,000 was a little steep. i agree with the original suspension though. but if you think about it what will fining him and suspending him teach him? sure, it shows major league baseball took the responsibility in punishing him for opening his big mouth, but does it teach him a lesson? no it doesn't. he'll still make money and he'll still play baseball. so what kind of punishment do you give rocker? i don't know. he is an ignorant sob. how do you punish ingnorance? i don't think you can. he's going to have a tough time for a long time because of what he said. every where he goes people are going to have an opinion about him and what he said. he will get his in the end. i don't know how that will happen, but i believe it will.

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I am sad to see you go but keep your hopes up and something good will happen to you. Don't go out there not knowing what you want or people will take advantage of you, so take charge and be on your merry way.
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03-03-00, 12:53 PM
I'm tired of this topic. Let's just drop it. Isn't there real baseball to talk about? How are the Yanks doing today?