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03-03-01, 01:28 AM
Couldn't resist...;)

Archery Coach Resigns Unexpectedly
by Adam Braun
Spectator Staff Writer

Columbia Archery Head Coach Alex Rodriguez resigned Wednesday afternoon, ending his three-year tenure. Assuming the position on an interim basis will be Assistant Coach Mitch Waldman.

The Athletic Department cited "personal reasons" for his departure. Rodriguez, however, was not shy about explaining why he felt the need to step down.

"I was living in Columbia housing," he said, "[and] after living there for seven years, they asked me to move. I was living in a large apartment and I understood the situation. I was willing to move to a smaller apartment but what they were showing me was totally unacceptable. And after showing me a few, they told me they weren't going to show me any more."

"Because of that," he continued, "I have to find a place to live somewhere else. Of course, I can't afford to live in the neighborhood, so I had to find a place to live that was farther away. Living father away makes it very difficult to put in the time necessary to coach the team. For that reason, I have to resign. I don't think I can devote the amount of time to the team."

Rodriguez was named the interim head coach on Jan. 1, 1998, following the resignation of former head coach Al LIzzo. Shortly thereafter, the interim tag was dropped and Rodriguez was named to the permanent position.

[Source is the Columbia Daily Spectator March 2, 2001.]

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Ya sure gotcha'ed me Penguin.......I figured that rich, whiney-assed A-Hole didnt' like the hand soap in the penthouse apartment the team had to supply him in ST, and hit the road.
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Haha! That's an all time great one! :lol:

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LOL. I wonder what'd happen if he did leave..

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aww Penny... you prankster! ;)

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OK, Pen, you got me! :lol:

Talk about unexpected...:)

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That was a good one, Penny!!! :)