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02-06-00, 02:58 PM
WOOWWW! I thought the Yanks were the only team worth knowing.

LOL- How about the Giants' new stadium, eh?

Jim F
02-06-00, 08:06 PM
chelle, you are right to a certain degree. That's why the Yanks have 5 forums here, and the "other" teams only have one! http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/wink.gif

If you look at the Forum Terms of Service, one of the terms is that the user is a BASEBALL fan first.

"For the love of the game..."

bronx keed
02-11-00, 09:41 PM
I was at a little leauge meeting today, and they gave out the team names, you should have seen the faces of the ones that got that YANKEE name, and the faces of the ones that got the expos..overhead one kid ask, "whats an expo?" I was already warned about giving close calls to the Yankees, I gave my word, but...my fingers were crossed..Gee, imagine me umping a game between the sux and yanks...whoever pitches for the yanks, has a great chance of pitching a perfect game!!


02-11-00, 10:20 PM
What a dream come true!

I am an "Upstater" and a Yankee and PROUD of it.

02-11-00, 10:57 PM
chelle, technically yes, there are other teams. we play some of them. who knew?

as for little league teams, i was on the phillies. oh well, we can't all be yanks!

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02-13-00, 07:20 PM
Hey Chelle, good to see ya here! PA is well represented. http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/smile.gif

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02-13-00, 10:10 PM
Yes there are "other" teams, but as we all know.. they don't count http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
I guess I was one of the luck one's, When I played LL I was on the Yankees and I had the following numbers "3,4,33 and 24" All of which are now my lucky numbers http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

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02-14-00, 09:37 AM
Wow. When I was in little league, my teams had names like:

Cerami Pontiac
Suburban Press
Van Emburg Funeral Home
Cullen Insurance

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02-18-00, 06:36 PM
I played Little League on the Greensox... LOL! And then, I wanted to play Teener League Baseball and my dad goes "No, you can't, I don't want you playing with those ninth grade boys"
And I'm there like "But I'm taller than my brother"
And he wouldn't let me! I play softball on the Blue Jays now, we win a lot. But in my heart, I will always be a baseball player.

Oh yeah, PA is well represented aint it?!

Chelle, in all the forums (or is it Fori?!)

02-18-00, 07:53 PM
I used to hate it when I got stuck playing for the "Beavers".


02-20-00, 03:18 PM
I played on the Angels once, but every other year it was for the Yanks, and we won the championship every year, twice undefeated as the yanks. Of course I wore #7. Can't beat the navy blue hats with the NY, makes you feel like a true ballplayer.

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02-20-00, 04:02 PM
LOL! We got ordinary names... Everyone was a sock... Greensox (we were the best! me and my brother!! He played first, I pitched), Bluesox, Redsox, Purplesox, Orioles, Pirates, Whitesox. LOL! Too ordinary!

Chelle, in all the forums (or is it Fori?!)

02-20-00, 06:45 PM
There are no other teams worth mentioning that's for sure. My twins just started T-ball. They're on the Marlins. Thank God it wasn't the Braves or Mets. At least the Marlins won a world series recently.

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02-21-00, 01:30 PM
Thia is a true story. When I was on the little league allstar team, the league was divided into 2 leagues. National & American.
When they introduced the squads they alternated announcing a guy from each league.
Saying their name and what league they were in. There was a kid named Hebroe in the National. So when he's announced the guy says his name but pronounces it "Hebrew" So it came out "Hebrew, National". Everyone laughed like crazy. A few names later there was a kid named Franco. But he was in the national league as well. My father told me after the game if he was in the American and heard "Franco, American" he would have fell out of the stands.
We lost that game but that was a day I'll always remember.


02-21-00, 01:33 PM
great story, kg!!! lmao


02-26-00, 10:46 AM
My Little League All Stars were embarrassing. I could have killed the announcer. It was a guy from another area, seeing our All Stars were from a half hour radius. (I live in a small town) and he goes "Michelle? Must be a typo... Michael?" I'm there like "It ain't no typo!" We like live in the fifties, I guess. Me and Tracy, my friend, were the only girls on any of the teams in our area and I was the only girl in All Stars. I'm proud of that, I guess, but I'm embarrassed because my brother still calls me Mike.

Chelle, in all the forums (or is it Fori?!)