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Mantle 7
02-28-01, 05:44 PM
I, like Columbus, have found the new world! I was with Y.com for a long time. Recently,as you all know, Y.com screwed it's following by changing the forum without any notice. When I logged on the otherday and they made me re-register (again) I just decided that enough was enough. SoCal included the link for this site and I used it.
There are alot of familiar names here, makes me feel at home. At Y.com I was MM 7, hope some of you remember me.
To all my fellow Yankee fans, HI. I'm glad to be here, thanks for having me as a member. I look foward to renewing old friendships and making new ones.

02-28-01, 05:46 PM
Welcome aboard. You'll like it here!