View Full Version : Dale Jr. driving # 3?

02-27-01, 09:47 PM
I heard that Dale Ernhardt's black # 3 may never be retired. NASCAR never retires numbers, look at Richard Petty's # 43. I couldn't think of anyone more fitting to drive the # 3 car than Dale Jr. It would be a great way to honor Dale. It would make me feel alot better knowing that the # 3 car is being drove by an Ernhardt, and not someone else. I think Dale Sr. would be proud to have his son carry on his legacy. But I never heard anyone mention this possibility. Does anyone else feel the same way?

02-28-01, 06:50 AM
NASCAR doesn't own the numbers the individual teams do. The decision falls directly on the shoulders of Richard Childress and RCR has already said there will never be another Black #3 car

Petty decided to continue racing the #43 to maintain the sponsorship dollars.

Being an Earnhardt fan for nearly 15 years I wouldn't want Jr. to drive the 3 car he is his own man about to make a name for himself and he should do it in his own car.

02-28-01, 07:45 AM

I hear you, except for the fact that Dale Jr is running # 8 in honor of his late grandfather and Dale Sr's dad Ralph Earnhard who ran # 8 during his racing days.

My first impression was definately that I would like to see Junior run # 3 but now I am not sure . Time will tell.

I understand that Childress has asked NASCAR to put a one year moratorium on the number, and wait for some of the numbness to go away before thinking about what to do about it.

Hey I'll see you at the June Pocono race. My son and I are also going to Daytona for the pepsi 400.

Incidentally there is a new pictorial book just about to be released entitled " Dale Earnhard and Jeff Gordon Trade Paint". Amazon.com has it.

02-28-01, 11:15 AM
I agree JP. Dale Jr. is going to have enough trouble stepping out from behind his father's rather large shadow. I would love to see him thrive, but on his own terms, in his own car.

As for Richard Petty, he is very much alive, and very much involved in NASCAR. I also heard that it was his choice for the #43 to continue to represent Petty Enterprises.

Retire the #3. It's an honor that Dale deserves.