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02-26-01, 10:26 AM
They entered the week with an 11-game unbeaten streak and an 11-point lead over the Hurricanes in the Southeast Division.

unbelievable.. hope they can keep this up headfing into the playoffs.. they may be peaking to soon..

02-26-01, 12:07 PM
KLJ: Don't you remember the old joke?? What is red, white and blue and plays golf in April? The Washington Caps

Having followed the hometown Caps for many years, this season is no different than the others.

1: Slow start
2: Begin to finally get it together
3: Go on an unbelievable hot streak
4: Get in the playoffs
5: Lose to Pittsburgh
6: Kornheiser, again, calls them choking dogs.

Happens all of the time. Sorry to rain on your parade.

02-26-01, 12:12 PM
yes, i have a long history of cursing the caps out every year..

and yes, they will choke again this season..

by the way, the terps are quickly learning to follow the 5 step plan you laid out.. (excluding tony's mock)
they choke every tourney as well.. drives me nutz

02-26-01, 12:36 PM
Good point about the Terps. While Williams has brought them back to the Top 25, he can't seem to get them past the Sweet 16. Another couple of years of this, and there may be some rumblings in Garyland for a new coach.

As for Maryland football, they have not been able to recover since Ross left town on the first train out after Bias died. Hopefully the new guy (I can't remember how to spell his name) Frigden can fill Byrd on Saturdays.

Oh, and by the way, someone needs to kick Debbie Yow in the shins.

Lady Jade
02-26-01, 07:28 PM
Well, whether or not the Caps make the playoffs, at least one team in Washington has a winning record :D!!

02-26-01, 10:54 PM
who are the caps?

02-27-01, 10:05 AM
Originally posted by Lady Jade
Well, whether or not the Caps make the playoffs, at least one team in Washington has a winning record :D!!

oh, they will make the playoffs.. i think they can be as high as a 2 seed in the playoffs.. really doesn't matter though.. the caps will find some way to break our hearts again this year..

steve kono... is the unsung hero of this team.. he does all the dirty work that let bondra pile up points..

02-27-01, 10:07 AM
Originally posted by Butnud
who are the caps?

the washington capitals.. they play in the nhl

that would be the national hockey league...

washington is located between md and va.. that would be maryland and virginia..